Roon is slow (er)

I will test the roonbackup mecanism in a new folder ln my NAS and see if any impact on performance.

If no impact, I will restart my tags/favorite/bookmark/playlist with the fresh install. Is there by any mean possibility to extract from previous backups these information (inna text file for example) in order to recreate them manually?
For example, extract the names of my favorite albums and tracks based on old backups in a text file, so that I could easily set them up manually typing each name and selecting them as favorite?

Unfortunately, no. My best recommendation is to put a backup that you have on an external drive and connect it directly to your core. It’s possible that DB residing on the NAS is impacting performance and is worth a try (it’s how I do things). If you do this, ensure the drive you connect is formatted exFAT. NTFS and FAT formats can cause the disk to become invisible to ROCK.


Hello to all,
on my iMac 2019 that runs RoonServer, there‘s a significant drop in speed since an Roon update in the midth of february, where Roon rearranged the database.
I backed up before this update, so I was able to run this update again over the Roon database, but the slowness remained the same.
Since this update, adding albums takes very long, starting a new song, too. Search has become unbearable slow, just unusable.
And no, it has nothing to do with the network, as running Roon on the same iMac brings nearly the same results.
Loading information about albums and artists are loading slow, too.
The Roon Team has to find this bugs. For Mac users with a big library, there were just about 4 months of good usability since the update to 2.0 in last October I think.
This is really a pain.

Ah, and I forgot to mention: most of the time when adding new albums the vents of the iMac turn up, although nothing is done. But for sure there must be something going on, but things take forever.
For example adding about 30 to 40 albums takes minimum over night, whereas before the midth of february it maybe took 30 to 45 minutes.

Can you rule out a faulty SSD? Maybe the introduction of 2.0 just matches with your disk starting to die? How do other I/O intense applications perform on that iMac? Any security products added / changed recently? How big is big in terms of your library?

The SSD is round about 13 months old. Everything else, every other program on the iMac works just normal. When I run Roon, nothing else is running. When the virus program is deactivated, same behaviour. When the firewall is deactivated same behaviour.
Track count is 885.000, 83.00 albums. Roon database is 87 Gb.
I have a savety copy of the pre 2.0.11 database, the time when everything worked flawlessly. If I can get RoonServer pre 2.0.11, I will run it and have fun with a running Roon system.