Roon is splicing Tidal albums!

Several Tidal albums are suddenly spliced up! Don’t know what is wrong. What can I do, except merging or adding them again… they keep splicing…

Can you post a screen showing what you see. A picture says a thousand words and will help support.

Adding @support so they get notified.

So each album has part of the album tracks?

Yes. I also noticed that my 2011 Imac feels very hot when running Roon, maybe it is coming low in specs. for running Roon?

I just added the scabs to my library and I got 1 album. I did not have the kids available to me in Tidal in the US.

At first it was like one album, but few days ago some of them start splicing…

Hey @Cantodea – can you give us any more information about what’s going on with your collection and these albums?

Are you adding them from within Roon? Are you adding the entire album at once? Are you doing any editing? Disabling and re-enabling TIDAL? Anything like that?

I’m going to enable some diagnostics on your account and will have the logs sent to Support. We’ll look into this and get back to you, but any more information about the above would be helpful.


(btw, love your header image :ok_hand: @Cantodea )

Another thought: are you favouriting individual TIDAL tracks before or after favouriting the albums containing those tracks?

No, I allways the complete album.

same thing happening to me…

All albums are added from whitin Roon. No tracks, allways complete albums and just adding some tags, like MQA or Live… nothing special.

The picture in the header was taken in Lokeren, Belgium 2 years ago. I’m a huge Nile Rodgers fan, love this man…

B Movie Matinee!

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Hi, @Cantodea, could you please post screenshots of of what you see, when you open these spliced albums? (I mean go the the first The Scabs - Sunset Over Wasteland, make a screenshot, the to the second “part” and do the same)

Also could you please confirm that you didn’t perform any edits or deleted/added back tracks on these albums?



Uh oh. Happening to me too. I may have added a composer, but nothing extravagant. Affected some dozen albums out of about 1000. All merged back together again now. Will keep an eye out for more…

Just remembered. I went through this procedure a couple of days ago…

Don’t know if that’s relevant.


Hey Ivan,

I just noticed that this happened to me with a Tidal album.

I was able to merge it back together.

btw, the album was originally added to Roon over a year ago.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi, @Greg, @Cantodea, @BrianW, thanks for the information you posted here. We are now investigating that issue.

Thanks for your patience!


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