Roon is very very slow!

For some time my remote installation of Roon has become extremely slow. My configuration:
Version: 1.5 build 360 64bit
Remote is on a Windows 10 pro PC with 4Gb RAM, the server is on a dedicated Win 2012 server with 16 Gb RAM with two SSD HD, one for OS and one for music files. The net is a Ethernet 1000.
The number of track are 4726
The remote PC at startup of Roon it takes 40/50 seconds before the program is active, in the overview the images arrive to video very slowly one at a time and take several seconds sometimes even more than one minute before appearing. In credit management, for example, if I look for an artist, the program takes a very long time before I find it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Roon but nothing changed. The other programs I have on the same PC, even those that work on the network, have no problem. What can I do? Thank you.

Change to the 32bit version of roon on the remote…here we go again intel hd graphics drivers.

As this is clearly not going to be addressed by Intel, what chipsets are the ones to avoid? Has it been carried through into the 8 series NUCs?

Hello all,

@Flavio61 - I would try to use the 32bit version as @wizardofoz mentioned, please let me know if that helps resolve the issue.

@Anthony_Bates - We don’t currently have a comprehensive list of chipsets affected by this issue, but I can look into whether that’s something we can pull together.


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Seems to usually be the he intel hd 4000 most often iirc, its not the chip that’s the issue its the windows drivers.

Many macs also use this chipset but i dont recall ever seeing isssues for those

I have owned three Macs over the years and have never noticed any driver issues. These still seem to be a problem for Windows, despite all the ‘Certified’ nature of the drivers these days.