Roon keep playing the same songs

I have been using Roon with qobuz for a few months now and I can’t make Roon play other artists then those artists that I have chose to listen to before.
If I go to genres and play jazz then there is no new music for me. Only the same records that I have been listen to before. Why is that?

Roon Core Machine

Genre play is (currently?) limited to library content only. See also this thread from not long ago:

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Hey @BlackJack! Thank you for the assist on this one. I was on the wrong foot here and missed that. I appreciate your help.

@Isak_Andersson - as Blackjack mentioned, if you use the Play now button on the Genres pages it will only play selections from that genre that are in your library. If you use the pull down arrow and select Start radio it will play music that meets the genre criteria.

If you don’t have any albums that fit the genre in your library the Play now and Start radio buttons are deactivated. If you only have a few albums in your library for the genre you’ve selected the Start radio button may not work. Roon needs a few albums to use as reference in order to start building a radio rotation.

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