Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]

so at last hang the log says this

04/28 09:35:24 Debug: render area size changed value: 1406x887
04/28 09:35:24 Debug: unhandled selection type:

But there is no type lol.

Hi @Gareth_Irwin ,

Are you still seeing this issue at the present time? We are looking into similar behavior in the following thread and I came across yours, I wonder if your report could be related, does the issue mostly happen when minimizing/maximizing the window?

Yep. I have just learnt to live with it.

The trick is to remember to quit the programme once you have started playing stuff, if you minimise it or it goes behind programmes after a short while it is unresponsive. 50% of the time it will eventually recover otherwise it crashes.

In terms of what screen its on, does not matter, but I would guess it going to be the album view as I will have gone into an album to play and hit play.

Minmising and maximising does not itself cause I hang. If i launch roon I can minimise move it around etc no issue, its when it has not been the front most app for a while.

If I was a betting man, I would say a graphics card issue. I have nvidia 3080.

I think maybe the control device is losing connection with the core.

Well perhaps. Its a fast windows machine, ethernet end to end to the server and the renderer is also hard wired. Only happens on this device in general (well happens on mac as well, but its a mac so I expect that)

Hi @Gareth_Irwin ,

We have fixed a few memory issues in our most recent Roon release, can you please verify if it has by any chance changed the behavior on your end? Are the hangs less frequent?

I’ll give it a try today

Hi in short, no not really:

If there is anything I can do to help provide logs run betas what ever to resolve this would be happy too. Frustratingly most of my listening is done in front of this PC so by far I interact with Roon the most on windows 11.

Other issues include if I select the side scroll to quickly get to a letter 50% of the time it will drag for a second then the whole app locks up, the only way out of that is to force quit it.

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Does yours shut down automatically or do you have to force a shutdown?
On my windows 10 machines, most of the time if will shutdown and restart by itself.

In my case, with Core on same machine as client, it does not matter what audio is being used (I have never used NVIDIA HD Audio.) It happens both when I stream to other devices and when I use System Output.

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INdeed in my case roon is simply used to choose music on a different system, its not outputting out of windows 11 at all.

My Dell XPS 15 with Windows 10 freezes whether I’m using it as core or control. Sometimes, it will only freeze for 5 or 10 seconds, other times, it will not come unfrozen. Sometimes it crashes. Other times, the music stops, but Roon progress bar continues to move.

Build 952 and 970 ruined Roon for me trying to use Dell. If I didn’t have a lifetime subscription, I would be gone. I have not entered a request for help in the Support forum because enough people have made Roon aware of the issue.

Another day another freeze. What ever Roon feels they have done to improve this they have not

Made it all the way to ‘I’ today!

Two areas of focus:

  1. If roon has been minimised or behind other apps for a while, it is unresponsive, 50% of the time it will recover, 50% of the time it will eventually crash out
  2. When using the side scroll, i.e. click it and hold then drag, 50% of the time it will work, 50% of the time it will go so far then freeze. In this state it wont crash out, but it wont recover, you have to open task manager and crash out of it.

I’ve had about 8 freeze/crashes over the past 48 hours.
The last i read this problem is fixed. Either i misunderstood or i have another problem (that is the same as the one fixed).
I agree with your #1. I have never tried using the side scrool so i cant confirm this but will try it next time it freezes.


Its no fun over here on the latest and greats OS from Microsoft

Since going to 970 it almost seems worse. Maybe it’s just me. Sorry don’t have time as of now for screens etc. just wanted to add that this is still a big problem. I didn’t do lifetime. I won’t be renewing next year unless this improves. Roon is so great but right now it’s darn near unusable for me


Same issues here. Seemingly random Roon is not responding and must be shut down errors. I never minimize the program so can’t be that in my case. Roon is running on a second screen. Playing music on an endpoint and it just freezes - can’t connect to Core. Then investigating Core only to find Windows 10 error that Roon has closed. Frustrating.

Similar things happen with my win 10 PC. Using Roon since build 952 is not really possible on Win 10.
Roon team, please get your act together and bring us a bug free app.

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Same same issue here. Win 10, Nvidia vga card.