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Since late afternoon (GMT +1) Roon keeps interrupting over my network. However, playing Qobuz direct causes no problems.
I keep getting messages of interruptions with my internet radio though Roon (does not seem like a heavy burden).

What is going on???

Even my typing seems to be impaired :wink:

It would greatly assist others to try and help troubleshoot your problems if you could post details of your system, and network setup.
As per the template in your initial post asks, thank you👍

First the error messages I get since 1 day (started yesterday, and continues today.

All through Roon Remote
Internet radio: Unable to play this station… (both domestic & foreign stations)
Qobuz: Qobuz is loading slowly…

Roon core runs on a dedicated Linux PC (Silent Angel Rhein Z1) & is comnnected to my network with a Ubiquity Amplify professional mesh router.

Endpoint 1:

  • Wired to my office router
  • Roon endpoint is a WIN10 pc with dedicated audio USB port that is externally powered with clean DC (iFi i-power X)
  • 5 meters of Audioquest USB cable to an iFi Zendac Signature.
  • passive amp/Ruark actice speakers (all wired)
    Worked perfectly until yesterday

Endpoint 2 (check to see if there is a problem with endpoint 1); also in my office

  • Thinkpad laptop WIN10 + 5 meter Oehlback USB cable to iFi Zendac (original).
  • same pre/speakers
    After pending 884 update; seems to work for now.

Back to endpoint 1

  • Problems remain.

I had these problems in the past when Roon was updation (something, somewhere).

Hi mr. Hammer,
Hope that this gives more insights

Additional info

  • I tested this by switching dacs; Zendac classic instead of Signature, CA DACmagic 100,… to no avail
  • I did a clean reinstall of my WIN10 pc. Didn’t help either.
  • Same for endpoint 2.

Do you think that my core is busy doing an indexing job after the last updates?

Airplay from my android phone to a Yamaha musiccast streamer/preamp does work ok.
I also encountered poor signal after Roon updates in the past.

The picture becomes more clear to me now.

Roon now has the same bugs as in the past:

  • After any WIN10 update Roon cannot find local (USB) dacs anymore. The Settings/Audio list is empty apart from network devices. So I need to re-install Roon after every update to correct this. (this bug was gone for a long time, but is now back)
  • Anything approaching HiRes halts in its pace. Stops playing, skips to the next song on the album, stops playing again, skips to… etc.
    Meaning I can now not listen to Qobuz + Roon. ;-(

Hi Hans,

Not official support, but, my first suggestion would be to use the win 10 pc as a core to test streaming. If it performs correctly then the issue has been narrowed down to the Linux pc.

Thanks for the moral support gentlemen. After resetting everything (including my core platform running on Linux) the streams seem to be more stable now. I still have to try with very HiRes files.

For now, I wish everyone @Roon/Rooncommunity a happy and healthy 2022.


My wishlist for 2022 includes RaaS (cloud based Roon as a Service) to make Roon also available outside my home network, including my ripped CD’s.

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I was cheering too soon. Switching on Sample rate conversion in the DSD (office CA Dacmagic 100 endpoint) to the power of two crashes the MP3 128kbps radio stream. :wink:

Have you tri d my suggestion on using the win 10 PC as a test?

I had severe halts skips and hiccups on a mac. I gave that one away and am cautiously using Roon on my main laptop, importing a bunch of music files at a time, not all at once, building the library up from scratch. So far no troubles, all going smooth!

Hey @Hans_Van_den_Bent so sorry that it took us so long to respond! I see that you have received some great information from others in this post already, but I wanted to let you know that the Core device you are using is not supported by Roon - you can read more about this here: Rhein Z1 Roon Server : official or unlicensed? [—> unlicensed]

For this reason, we recommend that you use a different Core device, such as a Windows PC for best performance and to see if the issues persist. We’re hoping that you’re able to give this a try. If you don’t wish to use the Windows PC, you can use another Core device and compare it to the Roon Requirements to make sure it is supported: Roon System Requirements Thanks!

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