Roon keeps losing NAS location information and content

unfortunately the Roon core keeps losing the connection to the NAS. The whole database of local files has to be rebuilt pretty much every day. I open up Roon and initially all the albums are there and then after five seconds it counts down and everything is gone. When I go into settings and storage and force a rescan it may or may not bring back the albums. Re-scanning several times in a row sometimes helps. At other times it can take half a day and then all of a sudden it will start to rebuild.

Nothing has changed in the hardware. I have only really been experiencing this since version 1.8. Before everything was rock solid.

Hi @Henning_Kielhorn, I’m not support but while you’re waiting it’d probably help if you provided a few more details about your setup, e.g. core hardware, NAS type and networking/connection details. This will help someone to help you a little more quickly.

Good luck,

Hi Carl,
sure. Of course.
The Core is on a workstation with i7 CPU and 16 gigs of RAM.
The NAS is a Synology 418.
Connections are hardwired CAT6.

The Core loses the albums at pretty much every new start when switching on the PC. The NAS is usually up 24X7 but the computer isn’t. Rebuilding the collection every time is annoying and takes time with almost 2 TB of data.

Thanks for mulling this one over.


Sorry @Henning_Kielhorn , a few more questions (I should have been more thorough myself it appears :wink: ). What’s the operating system for the core? I’ll guess Windows but it might be something else. Is there anything special about the core itself? In particular, I’d be interested if you’re using a Docker image rather than an installed core. Sorry but it does help.

Indeed. I should have provided that.
It’s Windows 10 Pro.
Nothing unusual about the setup I think. The NAS is connected to a router that the PC is connected to as well.
One other thing that I found odd is that Roon seems to prefer that the account name I use on the NAS is left as admin. When I change the name for the system administrator it can struggle with even finding the NAS. Very odd.

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Hello @Henning_Kielhorn,

Thank you for choosing to reach out on community when you ran into this issue. I’m only sorry we took this long to get back to you …:pleading_face:

I was wondering if we can help with anything, after having engaged on community (thanks @killdozer for your help :pray: ) and having found a few answers.

Please, let us know :nerd:

Hi @beka, thanks for getting back to me. Apologies for not responding sooner. I was away for a little while. :sunglasses: By now I am actually not sure what is the primary cause. I keep losing my mapped NAS in Windows as well. When I get it linked in the file explorer I then need to force a rescan and it comes back. It does happen quite regularly. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to make sure that the connection always works.