Roon loses connection to Chord Poly when accessing via App [Pending firmware update from Chord]

Here are two more data points.

  1. I have changed routers (and modems and internet service–now running Gigabit fiber) since first reporting this problem, but Poly still disconnects with my new router, same as old.
  2. I just set up ROCK w/ the recommended i7 NUC, still using Mojo-Poly. When I open Roon Remote with my iPhone and iPad, Poly stops playing, disappears from Roon’s device list momentarily, then reappears. Just like what was happening with my old MacBook Pro Roon core, pre-ROCK.

A problem with the Roon-Poly handshake, somehow?

My Poly works with the Orbi. In fact one of the reasons I kept the Poly pre-GoFigure insanity was how well it worked with Roon.

Unfortunately, for some people with the same setup Poly-Roon does not work without disconnecting.

Cause? Still no clue.

I have this same issue…
Has anybody heard something or figured it out?

While it still happens to me occasionally for some reason, I’ve been able to make it happen less often by removing the 5ghz SSID that my Roon Remote would sometimes connect to, and only using the same SSID as Poly uses.

Anyone else try this?

Ah ok, sounds logical! Ill look into this… Appreciate you’re reply!

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I’ve tried it but in my case it doesn’t make a difference. I still get as many disconnections with Poly as before.

Curious: what do you see when you look at the Poly’s WiFi signal strength in the GoFigure app? Even though mine is maybe 3 meters from the router, I see one bar less than full signal strength.

Ok, figured out a workaround that has been 100% effective (so far). If I open Roon immediately after unlocking my iPhone/iPad, Poly will disappear for 5 seconds or so before reappearing, stopping play. But if I wait to open the Roon app for a second or two after unlocking my device, Poly remains connected and play isn’t interrupted.

Anyone else confirm this?

I think the issue is that Poly operates on 2.4g WiFi protocol to allow for less dropouts but in this protocol there is potential for interference from other devices in your place or if you live where your neighbors devices may also impact your reception. most devices are on 5g (like Apple and Samsung devices etc) - so you need a router that can deal with both. I use a ruckus WiFi router (unleased so don’t require two SSIDs) that has a “channel fly” option which finds a channel that is less congested to mitigate interference - I have some issues which is triggered by me walking around the house, and intermittent sudden dropouts - for example the song suddenly stops or skips to the next track - but it is rare - I have to say overall I am actually really enjoying listening to my headphones with the flexibility of picking up any Roon remote and playing right of the bat. Apart for some minor irritations I am actually very happy with the Poly and have been using most evenings.

I verified during debugging that wifi is not cause of this problem. Tested with both 2.4 only for all devices and mix of 2,4, 5 and cabled devices. In my scenario Poly is not moving, it is placed on a desk.

I have lost all trust in Chord as a software company since they are not interested in fixing the problem. It is quite clear that they are not competent in streaming.

This is the reply I got from Chord may 2nd


We are aware of an issue with Poly and Roon currently. We are in constant communication with them and will be fixing this in a coming firmware update.

Kind regards

Mitch Duce

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What router are you using? I find most routers either Netgear or the usual off the shelf WiFi routers are not competent and can sometimes exacerbate the problem. In my setup I don’t have any issues if Poly is stand still (on occasion it does skips tracks but that would be once say every three hours of listening ) mostly it is stable in my environment- it’s not perfect but it is as robust as my Devialet amp or my Kef wireless speakers - they all sometimes suffer from “network “ issues

I tested with a Zyxel Gbit router special built for FTTH use (I´m Chief architect IP for a FTTH ISP).

If you read the start of this case, it describes a problem where Poly looses connection each time you open the roon app on ipad/iphone. I agree with you that short drops while playing probably is related to wifi.

I locate Poly as an end point first on Roon whether it be a iPad, or MacBook- that icon usually appears after say after a minute I turn on the Poly device - in Room it then appears as a “networked” endpoint - after that it is works without a hitch in my environment

Any news about this problem?? I recently purchased a Chord Poly and I can’t play more than one song without being turned off. Is like it dissapear and go back again to be available.

Hope to hear news from it…

Chord Poly+ Mojo seem just a perfect portable headphone endpoint for Roon, but reading through the threads there seems to be a lot of problems too. It seems there is some progress being made:

Are users still having problems or have things improved? Interested in getting one but don’t want to spend my time solving technical problems. I would get it solely for Roon use so I don’t care about the other software features.

I use Poly with Roon. It’s a great device to allow for transportability throughout the house and on the patio. Generally it works quite well maintaining connectivity with Roon and Roon recognizes it consistently. One issue I and others are having is while using my phone as a remote, when reopening the remote app to change music etc. Poly disconnects briefly and stops the music. This is a known issue with Chord and hopefully will be addressed in an upcoming firmware update. Aside from that I really like Poly for use with Roon. A cool benefit of Poly is that you are mechanically separated from your computer which I believe contributes to a sonic improvement.

I did a quick test yesterday and did not have the same problem as last year. Both roon version and my wifi network have changed since I started this thread.

Thanks for your reply Fordski. Nice to hear that you are quite satisfied with the Poly. I’m a bit surprised that Poly got the Roon ready label if it still has the same disconnecting issue. I thought Roon ready means flawless operation. Are you running latest firmware on Poly?

Now that sounds good. Could it be they ironed out all the problems. I’m reading similar results on the headfi forum.