Roon loses connection to my Synology NAS since updating to Build 667


Here is the relevant equipment list:

NAS: Synology 1813+
Switch: Netgear GS108
Roon Server: Nuc8i7hvk with AudioLinux
Roon Version 1.7 (Build 667)

Both nas and computer are connected to the switch with ethernet cables.

Since updating yesterday to Build 667, my overview page has been oscillating between 9781 albums and 367 albums. I’m guessing that the difference is the loss of connection to my nas. After restarting the Roon core computer (Nuc8i7hvk) it takes a while for the fluctuation to begin. (I just restarted and I’ve been OK for about 10 minutes now.) I don’t know when it will start happening again, but I’m sure that it will. I had no such problems until I installed Build 667.

I restarted my nas this morning, but that has not helped. The nas software reports “Healthy”. Any ideas?


This issue just reoccurred. All was fine for a day, but I just opened my ipad to find 367 albums. The strange thing is that I have roon set not to rescan except on restarts, but it started rescanning immediately and found all my albums. I still suspect Build 667 is at fault.

Really would appreciate some help.

In fact, I just lost connection while I was playing an album from my nas.

Tha album count went back down to the count of Tidal favorites and scanning began. Back to 9781; I’ll try playing that album again.

happened to me after the upgrade to 667, stopped Roon server service roonserver stop, went to /var/roon/RoonServer/Cache and /var/roon/RoonServer/Temp, removed the contents then rebooted the linux machine.

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Thanks very much. I’ll try that now.

NP! but…
then… for some reason started seeing a weird behavior after rebooting, core will re-analyze files over and over and the blue indicator in the corner was not going away… then just restored the DB from a backup few hours earlier, doing good after that…

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Sounds like this is going to be fun. (?)

It may not be the same, since using Roon linux core I have seeing cleaning those 2 is an easy fix for many things.

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I’m afraid that this has not worked for me, even after restoring from a backup from before Build 667. I still keep losing connection to my nas. Is there a way to go back to the previous build?

As I watch the scanning process, I keep getting the warning “Directory not available”.

why don’t you reboot the Synology meantime?

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I did that yesterday. Might as well try again, though.

Update. I just did that and a rescan found all the albums, then immediately lost contact with the nas and watched the album number drop from 9781 to 367. But then scanning began anew. I don’t think normalcy will be renewed until build 667 is fixed.

My Roon also runs on a Synology NAS and I also have an issue since 667 update. Not the same as decribed above but maybe related.
Albums added or changed to my music-share are not detected since 667. I need to stop/start Roon or do a Force rescan. I already cleaned cache/temp and restarted the NAS.
There is definitely some strange behaviour with this update.


Roon is currently unusable for me. I lose connection with my nas regularly while playing. Just to be clear — my roon core is on a nuc8i7hvk, not on the Synology nas,

I hope to hear from support soon.

More strangeness. I can no longer back up my library. Both my backup disks give the error, “Backup disk full.” When trying to back up.


How does one actually get support help? I really don’t want to be annoying, but since Build 667, roon has been unworkable to me except via Tidal. Could someone from support please help?

Will someone please tell me what I have to do to get some help?

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Did you reboot your router? Don’t know, but it might help.

Actually, I did reboot my router, but my nuc, router, and nas are all connected to the switch. Only my cable modem and switch are directly connected to the router.

Thanks for trying to help!

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But, all the Roon data and music flows back and forth through your router. That’s why sometimes rebooting the router can fix lots of problems.

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Perhaps @nuwriy or another of the Technical Support members can help?

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