Roon lost my Aries each day [solved]


I have the last version of roon and the last fireware from auralic, Auralis remain always ON, , and computer where is installed Roon is going in sleep mode evry night.
and on morning Roon don’t see anymore my Aries.
I have to switch OFF the power on Auralic to be able to see it again in roon audio settings.

all my sistem is in wired cable, with DHCP address, but lighting DS don’t have problem to see the Aries on the morning, only Roon. and restarting Roon on conmputer don’t solve the problem.

Auralic is configured in lighting DS and not upnp,

What can I do to solve the problem

Thanks for your help

If the computer doesn’t go to sleep is the connection still good

Thank you for the good question Daniel,
I will check this night.
But I did some trials this morning putting the computer in sleep mode manually 3 times, and each time after wakeup, no problem of Aries detection !
So probably not due to this

Hi David,

This isn’t working for you as it should. I don’t know whether it’s Roon or Auralic, but fortunately both of them have very proactive Support services.

I’m shifting this thread to Support where @mike and @vova will see it and may ask for logs or other information.

It would assist if you can provide details of your setup as per this thread.

Dear Andrew

Thank you so much and please find below more details about my setup:

version of Roon : 1.2 (build 128)
Auralic Aries firmware : 3.3
Operating system where Roon is installed : WHS 2011 SP1
Basic informations : CPU i3-2120, 8 RAM, 128GbSSD + LSI MegaRAIS SAS9240-8i with 6 HDD in RAID 5 MB :ASRock H67M-ITX
Server is also running : Plex, LMS, Jriver, google music manager, BubbleUPnP Server, Kaspersky Small Office 4, Lights-out, …
All the Music is on RAID dirive
On Roon, I havn’t enable Squeezbox support

router : netgear WNDR4500 with ~14 DHCP address (but with Address Reservation)
Switch : netgear GS108V3
I have a mix between wired and wireless equipment, but Roon server and Auralic is all on wired mode.

MAny thanks for your help, and let me know if you need more informations

Stopping ligths-out (programm to managing the sleep mode of the computer)
This morning, no problem of Auralic detection.
I restarted lights-out automatic schedule to be sure problem is with this program, because putting server in sleep mode with lights-out manually, no problem.

I did more trials.
So apparently I lose the connection between Roon and the Auralic not depending if computer is going in sleep mode by liight-out or not, but it’s depending how much time the computer remain in sleep mode.

If for short time, no problem, but if for some hours, like during night (5 hours in my case) after restart impossible to see the Aries without switching off power on it.

I did some trials of WOL on Aries on port 7 and 9, but no effect.

I really hope a solution exist
Thanks for your help

Problem solved !
I remplaced WHS 2011 by Windows 10 pro in my server.
All fine now

Thank you

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