Roon + macOS 11 Big Sur

what about the new, NON-intel Macs. Will they be able to run Roon?

Should be able to. Rosetta 2 handles support for x86 binaries.

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Big Sur installed last night and… everything’s fine here with Roon (control. Core on a NUC) :slight_smile:

No problems here…

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Mine is working fine as control to Linux NUC.

I have Roon core running on 10.13 on 2011 Mac Mini. I’m testing Big Sur on a virtual machine on my Catalina host system w/ Fusion 12. I’m presented with this error message when I try to bring up Roon in my virtual environment. I believe this to be a Fusion issue re: OpenGL 3 support but wanted to check here to see if anyone else has seen this.

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I am running Roon on Big Sur without problems. Not as a virtual machine though.

Hello @purehifi192,

macOS running in a VM does not support hardware acceleration or OpenGL. The Roon UI will not run on a virtualized macOS instance.


Thanks for confirming John. As I suspected.

So far, no issues running Roon (just as a remote) on a new MacBook Air (M1) with Big Sur. In fact, even with the non-native app and Rosetta translation, it’s a bit zippier than the 6-month-old Intel-based Air that it replaced.


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No problems here with a new Mac Book Pro with Big Sur.

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I am having no issues with Big Sur but then I am only using my MacBook Pro for control and not as a core.

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I’m having FATAL Error messages at Roon start up since upgrading to BigSur. I have raised a support ticket, and see that others are having the same issue.
Yesterday my Dragonfly RED kept disappearing as an end point (direct USB connection to iMac), another BigSur problem perhaps, never happened before.

Just bought a new IMAC and loaded on Big Sur and migrated ROON over from my old IMAC.

Roon connected perfectly and saw my back up instantly from my usb hard drive.

So very happy to say no problems with Big Sur and ROON core migration.


Again the difference might be that I am only using my MacBook Pro for control and not as core for Roon. I hope you get assistance soon.

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Hi @dylan,

Just to let you know that the Roon Remote app running on my iPad reports MacOS 10.16 for my Roon Core, knowing that my Mac Mini (2018 with Intel Core i7) Roon Server runs the latest Big Sur 11.1? Not a big deal though…

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