Roon misses a lot of cover art

Have you tried

A folder for the album, all files in one folder
A file folder.jpg as a file within that folder

That’s a fairly standard format and most software recognizes it. All my structure is like this Roon didn’t miss many folders on my main upload of 5000+ albums

JRiver keeps a separate Artwork folder in User app data Roaming JRiver 25 etc, so may not be embedded. Sometimes even in sidecar files

Download a demo of Tag& Rename , this allows a tool to extract the folder based folder.jpeg from the embedded art in Tags

Just a few thoughts

Just picking up on something that Mike has said…

You can also use dBpoweramp to export the cover art tag from a WAV file to create a Folder,jpg of the cover art in the album folder. Roon will definitely see these.

Geoff, Mike – thanks for the help! I will check it out. – David

Hi @David_Zigas,

How large is the art in the files?

@dylan 300x300 pixels 28 kb – David

Thanks for confirming that, @David_Zigas.

If you use Geoff’s suggestion above to and move the image to a separate jpg does that work for you?

Dylan, thanks. I should clarify what I really need. I know from trying that putting a .jpg in the folder with the audio files will work for Roon. But since I have, by my estimate, some 400-600 albums with missing or incorrect art, I’m looking for a process that is most amenable to batch processing, so I don’t have to drop in new art for each one. It sounds like using dbpoweramp to convert wav files to uncompressed FLAC may fit that bill, if it also achieves the goal of making it visible to Roon. (As a side note, Mark Jenkins at Antipodes alerted me to the fact that FLAC has some sort of built-in error correction against the inevitable degradation of magnetically stored binary info. wav does not, according to Mark).

So I am going to investigate that. I will keep you posted. Thanks. – David

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Well Geoff, I think you have put me on the right path. I converted 2 albums that were in wav (with no art displayed) to flac. Sure enough, Roon displayed the art correctly with the flac files. Now here’s the weird part - Roon no longer “sees” the wav files, which are named exactly the same as the flac files, even though the wav files are still in the same directory. I thought I’d have duplicates. I’m guessing Roon has an algorithm that defaults to the most recent file when dupes are loaded. Thanks for your help. David

Well, I’m not sure. @dylan, what’s the best thing to do here? Leave the WAV files, or remove them?

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VTag. & Rename will do an “extract cover from file” pulls the folder.jpg file from embedded artwork into the main folder

It can do this in bulk , just highlight you music folder , select all and sit back with a latte

Obviously backup first with such a bold action

Alternatively pick smaller batches

Hi @David_Zigas,

Is this true even if you go to the Versions tab of the album?

Dylan, I wasn’t aware of that tab. I will check it out. I should add that this is not an issue for me. I’m in the process of re-cataloging and re-populating my library – when I do so, it will be all flac files, so there is no issue with dupes. Thanks. – David

Mike – thanks so much for your suggestions. It looks like converting the files to flac may be the best option for me – see my earlier post about how it may help against data degradation. – David

Hi Dylan — It looks like Roon definitely sees file art when it is in FLAC format. I have one further question. Is there a way to have Roon default to file art instead of “best” or “Roon”? I seem to remember there was, but now I can’t find it in Settings. Thanks. – David

Hi @David_Zigas,

You can do that at Settings | Library | Import settings


Thanks Dylan

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Er, no, I don’t think it does @dylan… According to the Roon KB:

When you modify import settings, Roon re-evaluates each file in your library taking the new settings into account. This approach allows for the settings to be both very powerful and totally non-destructive.


It definitely does reevaluate. I’ve been using SongKong that past few days to fill in my blanks in Roon. Well worth the few $ to clean up and complete my library.

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