Roon Music Blog: A Celebration of Jazz

To celebrate International Jazz Day 2022 we created a blog series introducing our Roon jazz playlists.

In Part 1 A Celebration of Jazz - A Global Journey we explore jazz from Iceland, South Africa, Kenya, Norway, London and Cuba.

In Part 2 A Celebration of Jazz - Contemporary Jazz we explore the contemporary jazz scene with our playlists Expansive Jazz, Contemporary ECM, and Women in Jazz.


Thank you, Sarah, those are really nice! I had totally missed this playlist trove as I’m mostly a (jazz) album listener. I’ll correct this oversight :slight_smile:

PS: Being a picky jazz fan, I’ll argue that your Cuban Jazz playlist needs pianists Arúan Ortiz and Fabian Alamazan, besides David Virelles and Gonzalo Rubalcaba :wink:

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Thank you for giving some “official” attention to jazz. Much appreciated!

In the meantime many of the jazz fans here in the Roon Community haven’t been idle when it comes to sharing their likes and dislikes. Back at the end of last year @Chris_I started what has become the go to thread for all things jazz: Now Playing Some Jazz

The thread is still going strong and now has over 700 posts with almost as many great jazz recommendations. There is also a Qobuz playlist, which was created from the first 200 recommendations: Playlist Link

Perhaps Tidal and/or Qobuz playlists can be made to accompany the two parts of A Celebration of Jazz listed above and future parts as they are posted.

Please come and join us on the Now Playing Some Jazz thread, your insights would be most welcome.


I gotta say one of the best things about Roon is being able to do a dep dive and focus in on all tracks with a certain player, especially with jazz.

Hi @Jazzfan_NJ thanks for bringing this thread and playlist to my attention, I’ve created a Roon Playlist Now Playing Some Jazz with your Qobuz playlist.

You can find this playlist, and all of the jazz playlists mentioned in the blog in Playlists by Roon in your Roon Home Screen.