Roon - Music interrupted, Core not responding

This morning music was interupted a few times. Didn’t think to much about it. A couple hours later I started playing again. This time the core is not answering but I can play through my remote a while then music stops. Tried rebooting the NUC a couple of times. Nothing…

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Hi @bigj,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

What kind of Roon Remotes are you using? Does the same behavior occur form all of your remotes?

Hardwired NUC I5 gen 3, 1.80Ghz, 8 gb RAM. Hardwired 10-12 meters to a simple split. Every time I reboot computer or only Roon, when I start Roon it locks after a couple of seconds but the IPad ( remote) works and I am able to play music 10-20 minutes. Getting pretty fed up with these problems. It seems once a month there’s something with Roon. Right now playing music straight through Tidal desktop app on the computer.

Yesterday I got tired of Roon core and replaced it with Roon server. It worked really good for the whole day. This morning as I sat down to listen, one of the usual problems popped up again. As I pushed play for an album Roon ran through the album in about 4-5 seconds without any sound. After some on/off and other ways to fool the system it started working. Before I’ve been able to correct this by restarting Roon core, now with server I’m not sure how to do this. How do I restart the server?
Also this morning computer screen was sideways. Getting increasingly frustrated with Roon.
Need some advice on how to get this working.

I gather, from another thread that you have created, that you are using a NUC, but with Windows 10 rather than ROCK (as I think most of us have been assuming). Can you also give some more details of the audio endpoints that you are using.

“running through the album in about 4-5 seconds without any sound” sounds like an issue with the software drivers, or setup of your endpoint(s).

“Also this morning computer screen was sideways.” Which screen? on the NUC, on the iPad? Both? Do you mean that the iPad was showing Roon in portrait mode (which it is designed to do for some models of iPad)? Or something else?

The more information you can give the Support team, the easier it is for them to grasp the issues and diagnose them. Thanks. (BTW, I’m not Support, just another customer)

Thanks Geoff. I guess with increasing irritation the more incoherent I get.
I used a core not a ROCK. The core is also the endpoint going to the Primare Pre35 which have a built in DAC.
The sideways screen is the one connected to NUC with HDMI.
Since yesterday I’m using server

Server not entirely stable. Music stops occasionally.

Fixing the sideways screen issue:

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And how is the Primare Pre35 connected to the NUC? Via USB? Is there a Windows driver needed for it?

Edit: and is that jRiver I see installed on the NUC as well? Is it possible that there is some interaction going on between the two systems since they are both presumably using the same DAC?

Worked👍. Thanks a lot Geoff.

With USB, drivers installed. It’s a setup that’s been on for almost 5 years.
Between our posts I’ve been trying to start Roon core on another Pc with similar hardware. But I ran into other problems with that.

So now I’m back on the original NUC I5,running Roon server. Works right now.

Screenshots of the Roon audio setup screens showing the state of the settings for the DAC would be helpful, I think. Include the state of the “Advanced settings” (click on “Show Advanced”, and scroll down to reveal them) For example:

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Hi @bigj,

I wonder if any Windows Updates caused havoc on your Roon setup, Windows updates have been the source of a few issues in the past.

Is the Primare zone the only one affected by this issue? Do you have any other zones you could try starting playback to and verify if the same issue occurs there?

I have one more zone. Rarely any trouble. Gonna try it out some more tomorrow. I don’t use it as much as the Primare. Strange, Right now I’m using server and every time I start playing it’s as if the server is asleep. Have to quit and relaunch to get it working. The album I want to play first is run through in 5 seconds with no sound. When I relaunch it’s ok.

One more thing. I’ve played some cds last few days which is another input on the Pre 35. As I’ve been working with the pc, when a message or something else pops up on the pc screen the Pre changes input to Roon.

@bigj -

If you disable and re-enable the Primare zone in Roon Settings -> Audio?

I would try the other zones to verify if the behavior is the same there as this would be a great data point to have.

Hmm. No problems this morning. Late yesterday I changed my Sample Conversion in the DSP from DSD to Max Pcm. That’s the only change I’ve made. We’ll see I suppose.

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