ROON + NADAC PLAYER don't work

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ASUS RT-AX88U + RT-AC5300 ( mesh ).

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I have problem with my Roon and need your help.

In my audio equipment i use NADAC PLAYER with ROON core inside.

In the last few months i don’t used the ROON app.

So, yesterday i try to connect the ROON app on my iPad with the ROON core on my NADAC player, but this don’t work.

I have following screen on my iPad ( please see attached picture ).

I try to get manually the IP address of my player in the ROON app , but the ROON app don’t found this.

I uninstalled the ROON app on my Ipad and reinstalled it, nothing happened.
I see Nadac Player on my home network on the MacBook, NADAC have a fixed IP address.

What is the problem ?

It’s probably an IP address issue. Have you ever used the app called Fing? You can check the IP address for all your connected devices to see if the Roon Core and the iPad app you are using are on the same network.

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You can see on attached picture that NADAC , IPAD and AURENDER are in same LAN network.
All this devices have manually IP address.

You likely need to update the NADAC core’s Roon version (does it have it’s own web administration interface?) after not using it for months as well as your remote Roon iPad version (which you probably updated to latest with the reinstall).

Sorry, but i looked at the NADAC software and i have the newest of this.
I thought the problem is with the ASUS router. I have uploaded the latest software. It didn’t help. :frowning_face:

Hello Roon guys .

I opened community discussion and wrote one email to you regarding the connecting problem and nothing happened.
Why nobody answer me ?!
Can someone solve the problem?

As @Marin_Weigel asked, what version of the ROON software are you running on the server and the iPad?

ROON Remote vers. 1.8.00988.
I can’t see the ROON core vers. on my NADAC PLAYER, but the NADAC software is the currently.

The nadac os may be current but your roon core software is probably out of date which is why your remote can’t connect to it.
I’d contact nadac and ask how to update it.

I have already contacted the MERGING company. I am waiting for a reply on Monday.
Since ROON core is integrated with NADAC PLAYER, should ROON core also need to be updated when updating the NADAC PLAYER software?

Just read up a bit on Merging’s (pretty outdated and convoluted) website and checked Roon’s partner page to get to the conclusion, that you seem to need a computer running Roon as a core, from where you stream through your NADAC PLAYER’s analog output.
But I still can’t wrap my mind around how your audio device would be the Aurender with only a digital output…

I think it’s time to give us a complete system component description including their interconnection starting from your router all the way to the analog output…

The nadac player has an extra CPU running linux that runs the run core.
Goodness knows what the interface to it is outside of Roon

You mistake NADAC for NADAC PLAYER.

Okay, I’m out.
Merging’s website is no help in understanding it, either.

Crossing fingers and hope you get your problem fixed soon…

Yes. You must have the title of prof. computer science to understand it all. :roll_eyes:

I think the problem is i haven’t turned on the NADAC PLAYER for several months.
Therefore, ROON remote control is not compatible with the ROON core on the NADAC PLAYER.
Since the ROON core update is done from the ROON remote app, and this after a few months is not compatible with the ROON core on the device, we have such a problem.
Especially that for about a year there has been no software update for the NADAC PLAYER.
I don’t know if I understand correctly?

I have one idea for you (from a fellow user and not official support). Do you have a backup?

If the answer is yes, then delete the app and data (but not the music) and reinstall the latest version, then restore the backup which should then update all the settings and database changes to the latest version.

I know nothing about your setup, but if you have an up to date backup that seems to make sense that it would work.

Not such that’s much use Mike as there is no way to use the UI to install anything or restore a backup on the merging without a remote working it seems.

Simon, if he wiped and reinstalled the app he should then be able to connect again and restore.
Could be missing something, but if it can be reinstalled should it not start up as a blank Roon system

I don’t have a backup copy. I cannot do it. ROON core is installed on the NADAC PLAYER motherboard. I can only update the latest NADAC PLAYER firmware.
I did a factory reset, then reinstalled all the NADAC PLAYER updates and it didn’t work.
I do not have access to ROON core.