ROON + NADAC PLAYER don't work

Is there no options in the nadac software or app for Roon to reinstall or be reset. Does seem odd that a device at this price had to solely rely on the Roon app for managing the software side.

Sorry man that sounds like a nightmare

No way. The ROON update is only available from the Ipad app.

Tragicomedy. :nauseated_face:

To understand how it works.

Not sure about making it simple again :see_no_evil:

Hopefully the manufacturer will get back to you early next week, as I am not sure what Roon can do to help you in truth

I am slowly sure that this is not a problem ROON but MERGING/NADAC Roon core <-> Ipad Roon remote control problem.
This is also not a problem with my LAN network because AURENDER and its control app work on the same network without any problems.

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Your iPad or iPhone control device needs to be on the same version of Roon as your Roon core. Maybe Roon can send you a link to whatever version your core is on.

But i have no idea what ROON core version i have on the device.
This is nowhere to be seen.
This can only be seen in the ROON app on iPad … which is not working.

I see what you are saying. You need a working Roon control device to see this. Seems like Roon or NAD could tell you and send you a link for your iDevices.

Yes. I can see the same on my Roon app on the Ipad … but its don’t working.
This app don’t see Roon core on the Player.

Maybe it’s this iPhone/iPad version…

What do you see here?

I can try to install this app from the Merging web site.
But i didn’t change anything in the settings.
A few months ago, everything was working.
You can download the Roon remote app also from the Apple store on iPad.

Should I see something specific?

The Apple Store ios app is the current one. It won’t work with older versions of Roon core.

You should see that you are on the correct Roon core device. I assume that would be some reference to your NADAC.

Yes. I know.
After a few months, i turned on the audio equipment, so i had a previous version of the Roon app that previously worked with Nadac Player.
Only when it did not want to work, i uninstalled it and installed it again on the Ipad.
Both versions do not work with Roon core.

But, you need the same version of Roon on your iPad and your NADAC. If you can’t update your NADAC to the current version of Roon, then you need to revert your iPad to the older version. You can’t do that on the Apple App Store. The link on the site that I posted might be the correct, older version you need for your iPad.

I’m done here. Good luck with it.

Thx. I try tomorrow do it.