Roon not connecting: (Innous ZENith mk3) ”Remote connection, waiting for remote core=😡!

Greetings to you A_L,

I took your excellent advice and have now eliminated yet another possible culprit.

Following the detailed sequence, everything in the chain was powered off and reset/hard boot. Every piece was left quiescent for half an hour for good measure. Then all were brought back online in sequence.

Nada, same outcome. Can’t invite you to tunes and beer in celebration!


Nevertheless … to be sure, can you please try:
On your iPad are you able to reach the server innuOS dashboard via on Safari web browser?

If you can access the Sense UI on your browser, go to Server and take note of the IP number of your system

Check the IP address on your iPad:
Go to Settings > Wi-Fi then click on on the “i” icon in front of the network you’re connected.

Now check if the 3 initial sets of numbers are the same (in the example 192.168.1).
If they are not the same then you have the server and your mobile device connected on different subnets and they will not “see” each other.

hopefully soon …

Hello AceR,
Welcome to the non-party. I really appreciate everyone here. And, a personal note trying to stay upbeat considering the personal energy spent ($$$ less so).

Concerning your idea: Yes I looked at that and pushed the button.
Here’s the very next window that pops up from Roon

Scary stuff!! Waaaaay too much invested in playlists radio stations, etc. to risk that.

Wikipedia lookup “The Lady,or the Tiger”

As ever,

The correct response is then YES. Not scary, you are telling the remote to rescan for all Cores it can find, even the one it may have been previously attached to. Happens all the time on wireless phone when I’ve started Roon before I’ve started the Wifi on the phone. @support

Dear A_L,

Just being me here. Huh? This may be a cake walk for you, but for me that may as well be written in Sanskrit.

What is a subnet and how could that stuff get so screwed around that I would have to try to unscrew it?

Sure I’ll have to reread it a dozen times then look for a 10yr. old smart…(like Joe Walsh referenced in Analog Man).

Stay in touch,

Greetings Daniel,

Man, I feel like we’re getting somewhere now. Your reply made so much sense…and it comes from experience.

I am such a chicken! Why didn’t Roon state the obvious just like you did?

What if I wait for a Roon representative to tell me the same thing? That’s my safe bet. I have soooo much “skin in the game”.

In closing—my hunch is that you’re right!!

Cluck, cluck,

By all means! Roon support is Mon-Fri. Did you see the direct message I sent? You should see a green dot indicating such.

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Some people have multiple cores e.g. for taking to a vacation home. By choosing another core, the music on the previously selected core would not be accessible - the message is not incorrect.

Of course it would be possible to explain everything in more words, but then other people would complain about too long and confusing explanations :slight_smile: It’s the bane of software developers, whatever you do someone would have preferred it differently

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Hey @Douglas_Ebert,

Ben from the support team here, thanks for your patience while we continue to work through each thread, and I’m sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve been through so far with trying to get your music playing. I can understand how frustrating it is to not have things working as expected, especially when it comes to your music!

I can back up @Rugby’s suggestion of selecting ‘Yes’ to scan for all the available cores in your network. The good news here is that if it does re-find your Innous, you won’t lose anything, and it’ll allow you to select it as a core (which is its proper function) which should then get you back to your music.

Let me know how things go moving forward! I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply. :+1:

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Dear Benjamin,
I’m heaping praise on you publicly! You have come forth with an apology! (increasingly rare) and an expression of empathy based on common interest—music!

Yes it has been a long haul—-without functionality since December 26, 2022.

I’m onboard with your direction. Tues. March 21, I have an unexpected doctor’s visit in the morning. I may be incapacitated until the afternoon when I WILL follow your instruction.

Immediately you will know how the Innuos machine did per my reply.

Best regards and thank you,

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Dear Benjamin,
I’m online now. Got past the first screen.
Now trying to sign in with email and password.
Used my password used for the forum—no go.
Go back on upper left of screen and then tried to
Sign in using original password—no go.
Awaiting your instructions.


If you want to alert someone and don’t reply to their post directly, you need to use at sign like @benjamin

Dear Suedkiez,

Thanks for that. Got me off my arse.
But, like always raised more questions.
Can’t see “@ Benjamin”.
And I thought I did reply directly to his post
on this support forum.
So the upshot was that I went to yesterday’s email
from Benjamin and left him a note that I’m still on line.


Don’t add a space after ‘@’.


I’m online now. Maybe you’re still at work?
East Coast?

Clumsy on the internet,

Hi, thanks.

Just type it anywhere (without the space)
and that’s a link to him??

Mongo- like,

Yes. By default, Roon notifies users when tagged in a post.

The first one 20 hrs ago maybe (the forum software does not make that quite clear if a post directly follows another one), the second one 2 hrs ago not

Hey @Douglas_Ebert,

I would perhaps setup a new password in this case. You can do so from this link :
Password Reset - Roon Labs.