Roon Not Connecting to Core, But Spotify Plays Fine?

Roon Core Machine

SonicTransporter to Sonore MicroRendu to Chord MoJo 1
Using iOS & Windows for Roon Remote

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NetGear NightHawk X4

Connected Audio Devices

Cat 5 from Router to MicroRendu, USB to DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

N/A Only streaming.

Description of Issue

I have run this system for 5 years. While I have to reboot sometimes to get Roon to connect to the SonicTransporter Core, now nothing seems to solve the problem.

I have deleted and re-installed Roon Software on Transporter & all devices.

Spotify plays fine but Roon will not connect.

I attach a Roon Ready Diagnostics Log run off the Transporter. Any suggestions on how to get Roon connected appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Clive,
Maybe the info in this thread will help you:

Good luck!

Thanks. I have already deleted and reinstalled Roon on The Transporter. That did not resolve the issue.

Power cycle the whole network of devices starting from Netgear.

Tag @agillis

Tried that as first resort. No joy! What doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m a music lover not a software engineer, is why Spotify works but Roon doesn’t. Thanks for any ideas.

Have now resolved by:
Using a web browser go to → Manage → Apps → Software Manager → press the update button


Using a web browser go to → Manage → Settings → Roon Server

Make sure no checkboxes are selected

And press Save Changes

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