Roon not connecting with my DAC, Ammara is & Tidal is

Don’t know what to do at this point, if all my other players are connecting including Tidal what is the next step I need to take to get it working?


Hi Dan,

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue, let’s see what can be done to help get you connected ASAP.

Firstly, could you provide some setup details ? That will help the devs investigate any problem.

It may also assist if you could upload a screenshot showing the audio output settings you are currently using for your DAC (a jpg can be uploaded using the arrow up icon in the post editor). Sometimes selecting “exclusive mode” can make the difference between output and no output.


Hi. It’s now working. Thanks.

I’m now trying to use the iPad app. My problem it’s not showing my DAC in the audio setup.


Hi Dan,

Providing some setup details will help the devs understand where any issue is arising.

As I understand it from guessing about your setup, your DAC is connected to your Core and you can now select it as a zone using the Core and it plays back. The DAC is not, however, appearing in the audio setup section of your iPad Remote. Any devices connected to the Core should be appearing in the Remote.

If, however, your DAC is connected to another Remote, and not to the Core, then your iPad Remote will not show it at the moment. That will be coming with RoonSpeakers.

Can you post screenshots of the audio setup screens on your Core and your iPad Remote ?