Roon not finding audio, music, tidal after dec 22

I started Roon on my Nucleus + this morning and was asked to find music folders. Then Tidal which I did and finally choose my audio. None of my audio is showing up to choose. Neither can I locate a single Album or my NAS. It’s as if there is a total disconnect of my software and its not holding any settings. I have a 1 TB drive on my Nucleus and it shows monitoring music but none is showing up also.
My Asus router can see all my devices and I can navigate to the Nucleus folders. I can play via Tidal app to all my speakers? Not sure what the update did but it is not working at all. I reloaded the Roon operating system and restarted software several times. I am running Sonos, B&W airplay and McIntosh as well. Will miss my Roon for Christmas playing.

Hey @Anthony_Gray, sorry for the trouble here – do you have any backups that you can try to restore? We also just released Build 884. Can you try installing it and seeing if things improve?

HI Kevin

I installed the Build 884 and still nothing showing. It keeps asking me to login and loop through the questions but does not show anything. I do not have backups and probably should in future. I have music on NAS and also internal 1TB drive. I used Tidal for years so already have playlists.

Thank you I just read release notes and can you please explain what " * Resolved issues causing variable number of library albums across app starts" is about?

Hi Kevin
I tried disconnecting my Roon and associating it with my MacBook and it seemed to do everything it should including showing all devices for audio. I then disconnected the MacBook and went back to the Nucleus and it was not finding anything?
What do you think would cause that? Its odd as I can access the Roon data base and all files. Even move music OK.

Hi Kevin

I reset the data base after thinking about it. Seemed to have reset the whole system and now it all works. I appreciate the prompt response and help!
You are all amazing.
Merry Christmas! The new format is very cool too.

Hi. Can you elaborate on exactly what you did to fix this? I’m in the same boat… but nothing is working at all. Nucleus 1.8 (not sure what build at the moment.)

Some users saw different numbers of albums in their library than they should have. The number wasn’t consistent across server reboots.

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