Roon not playing multichannel through Oppo 203

I’am a big fan to hear music via Multichannel,

Santana,Chicago,Pink Floyd,The Doors and so on…it is fantastic to hear
that old quad-recordings with the effects surround the listener
I can’t understand,where is the prob,to play via oppo203 mch ?? the player
can handle all this DSF,via network and also in MCH!! without converting.
for now I have a nucleus+,but it can’t give out native DSD/MCH via HDMI
to my AVR7200WA.Is it not possible to send the data without converting??
is this a hdmi, linux problem or roon itself??I hope one day!!!roon with my
nucleus+ will work with nativeDSD/multichannel via HDMI!!please…
I know for the hifi-delities is stereo the sky, but for me, sorry, is stereo a bit like
black&white in a colour tv.
just an example of how good it can be
is the Steven Wilson Mixes from ELP, XTC, Jethro Tull
can be heard in stereo and in multi
has no different experience that
should only ever hear stereo, so hifidel
as you can, but for me the world is the
Music even more intense through multichannel
You can hear the instruments
in the stereo mix simply by overlaying or
Compression is lost. When listening to the
Multi-channel mixes from DSOTM said Nick
Mason, he no longer knew he was that good
had played ;-)) and the recordings were so perfect

All the best

If you are connecting with USB to the Oppo, it will not work. You must connect to the Oppo via HDMI or Ethernet and, even then, you will probably have to settle with PCM.

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Couldn’t agree more.
What sources do you use for good multichannel flac downloads.
I found Qobuz, but they only do classical.

Thank you,
yes, it work only in Stereo PCM via HDMI & Ethernet - no native no mch.
Can you recommend a solution that is affordable…???

I ripped a lot in the past years of my own material.
BD’s, DVDA, SACD’s and more.These are my sources,
sorry, no recommendation for you.Only buy what you
like and then (rip or convert) and enjoy in Roon,
unfortunately only in PCM !!!

Sure you can and I still do not understand why you cannot. I can play multichannel from Roon (on an old MacMini) into a Marantz AV8805 by HDMI.

EDIT: I can do this only with my Oppo in between the Mini and the Marantz. Not directly. Sorry.

Yes, I can do it also via intel nuc under Windows (no native dsd only pcm).but not from my nucleus,or make I something wrong with the nucleus

Yes, it is a Nucleus issue and should be addressed by Roon.

According to the documentation this should work, do you have the correct settings in the audio device settings for the hdmi output and multichannel

If you try to stream directly to the Oppo via RAAT you will only get stereo doe to the limitations of Oppo.
You need to use another streamer which supports Multichannel over RAAT. I don’t know the Nucleus but you could try to check the Audio Settings of your Nucleus - as suggested by wizardofoz - if in the channel selection you are able to choose something else than stereo or “Downmix as needed”.

thank you Wizard&Frank

MCH work already via Nucleus but with DSD/DSF it is not native
output possible to my AVR!!
The nucleus convert them to PCM via HDMI…
Please,do you have any idea for a streamer which support

Not to an AVR via HDMI.

how then,please tell me how to fix my problem.eagl what it costs if it works I am there.

IMHO, the simplest route is to use a multichannel DAC. Here are the available options, all USB:
miniDSP U-DAC8 (no DSD)
Okto DAC8 Pro
Merging Anubis
exaSound e38
Merging NADAC+8
You can feed any of these into the multichannel analog inputs of your AVR, if it has one.

I think this might be worth trying. We know the Nucleus will output DSD MCH over HDMI. So the issue isn’t Nucleus or Roon. We also know that the Oppo 203 will receive DSD MCH over HDMI input. I suspect the problem is the AVR can’t receive DSD over HDMI. From a quick look at the manual it appears the receiver will only decode PCM or DTS. But the receiver does have a 7.1 analog input and the Oppo has a 7.1 analog out, so if you connect the Oppo to your AVR using the 7.1 analog input, use the DAC in the Oppo to decode the MCH DSD it should work. At least worth a try.


Not so. If one can play multichannel DSD to my AVR via HDMI from the Oppo (and I can), it tells me that the AVR can play receive and play DSD.

Yup. That works.

You can but your model Marantz is a current model and the OP has an older 7200AW (2015). I have neither so I am going by what I read in their respective spec sheets and manuals but the 8500 clearly calls out DSD and MCH capability but the 7200AW does not. I obviously can’t test to confirm my hypothesis but given that the OP can’t get the 7200 to work in anything other than PCM, I’d say it’s a pretty good guess.

Understood. My response was a general one because your statement didn’t specify the OP’s AVR explicitly. It does have the requisite 7.1 analog input.

OTOH, the manual does state:
“PCM multi-channel sound mode - Multi Ch In This mode can be selected when playing multi-channel PCM/DSD sources.”
“Supported audio formats - DSD 2-channel – 5.1-channel, 2.8224 MHz”
“Sound modes and channel output - DSD Direct (Multi-channel)”

If you found that in the manual for the 7200AW, I definitely missed that page. If that’s true, the only other reason I can think of that the OP setup isn’t working for DSD MCH would be a config error on the Oppo.

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Hello ksalno,

is that true the Nucleus put out native DSD via HDMI out!!
also MCH??I hear this for the first time?Are you shure??