Roon not recognizing devices on network

I changed the “energy saver” settings on my Mac to permit hard drives to sleep when possible (wake for network access is checked). After I did this (and after the hard drive had gone into sleep mode) Roon can’t recognize wither Squeezebox on my network. This is true even if I wake the drive up. And it is true even after I restart the computer. Any suggestions? Because Roon is essentially unusable now.

Hey @James_Bailey – sorry for the trouble here. We can look into this and see if it’s something we can reproduce on our end and fix.

Can you give me the details of your setup and let me know exactly what settings you changed? If anything else has changed on your network, that would be good to know as well.

Let us know whatever we need to get into the state you’re describing and we’ll see if there’s a bug here. Thanks!


The setting I changed was located in the “energy saver” part of system preferences. I checked box that said “Put hard disks to sleep when possible.” Further investigation suggest the problem probably isn’t Roon. When LMS on, I can’t get the server to “see” the Squeezebox Touch or Classic either. So for some reason the Squeezeboxes aren’t being recognized. (I’m finding myself feeling nostalgic about azimuth and VTA adjustment. As much as I hated tweaking my analog set-up, at least it felt like it was within my control to fix it!)


So after trying various things to fix this problem, what finally did it was clearing the PRAM.

And this problem is repeatable. Turning on the feature that puts hard disks to sleep when possible leads to the Squeezeboxes being inaccessible.