Roon not recognizing NAS Drive or Computer Hard Drive

Set Up - Core is on Nucleus, personal files are on synology hard drive and computer hard drive (Dell XPS 8700, i7 processor, 16 GB ram, 64 bit Windows 8.1. Endpoints are 2 ELAC Z3, microrendu operating a peachtree nova integrated amp, Auralic Altair, two iphone XR, and an iPad Air. Access through most endpoints reveals the same issue. I can access my music files from all of my PC’s but the roon core. Here is the screen shot:

I rebooted the PC and the NAS drive. Need Roon to work.


Jim Lamont

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Hi @tarolane,

Can you let me know if you have updated the Synology to the newest firmware version? There have been a few similar reports contained in this thread: No longer connecting to SMB shares on Synology via Hostname. It is not clear yet if this is due to a Synology firmware update and we are investigating.

In the meantime, if you try to use the IP address instead of Hostname, does the connection to your Synology work? IP address format can be used according to our Add Folders By Path Guide, e.g.
\\IP_ADDRESS_OF_NAS\Multimedia\music or smb://IP_ADDRESS_OF_NAS/music

If you do have the NAS share via IP address, I would suggest performing an address reservation in your router to ensure that this IP address does not change.

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