Roon not seeing my MicroRendu - please help

Hello - long time (2 year) Roon and MicroRendu user, love them both.

For the past two weeks I’ve been having difficulties with one of my two MicroRendus. I have one in my kitchen and one in the living room. These two spaces are common with each other and I love being able to group them together and have music fill the space : )

Appreciate in advance your help @Support and @Jesus_Rodriguez

Setup info below.

Here’s what’s going on:

ISSUE: Roon unable to see MR in the Living Room from the select audio zone window in my Roon app on the iPhone

Here are the steps I’ve taken:

Using, the network sees the Living Room MR unit no problem. Fully visible and controllable

  1. Reboot everything - no
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Roon on the iPhone - no
  3. Ordered a new micro SD card from SGC, install, reboot - no
  4. performed all steps in message #12 from this link - no
    Roon not finding microrendu-mojo
  5. swapped MR in Living Room (trouble unit) with MR in Kitchen - result: Living Room system works fine. Seems to be no issue with the Oppo.

Not sure what to try next? Appreciate your help!

Ben Toby

SonicTransporter i5
Version: 2.3
Model: sonicTransporter Audiophile
IP Address:
MAC: 9C:5C:8E:D2:BC:6D

Network players:
Version: 2.3
Model: microRendu
IP Address:
MAC: D0:63:B4:01:03:BF
DAC description: Peachtree Nova 150
[Peachtree nova150 29c5:0022 (from “Apps-DAC Diagnostics” on]

Version: 2.7
Model: microRendu
IP Address:
MAC: D0:63:B4:01:03:49
DAC description: Oppo BDP-105
[OPPO USB Audio Device 22d9:0451 (from “Apps-DAC Diagnostics” on]

Hello @Ben_Toby,

What mode is your Living Room microRendu in? You’ll want to make sure that Roon Ready is selected in the Apps Tab -> Apps Switcher -> Roon Ready mode. Please let me know if that helps.


Also make sure there is a DAC attached to the Rendu. It won’t show up if the DAC is not attached and working

Go into - > manage -> apps -> DAC Diagnostic and make sure the DAC shows up.

if you are still having problems please contact us directly using the “contact us” button on

Thank you for helping me resolve the problem Andrew!

For those who may experience something similar, here is what fixed my problem:

For some reason the microRendu was not “enabled” in Roon. I had run this unit before for 2 years, and don’t know how it became un-enabled. But after cycling power, rebooting, replacing the micro SD card, etc., I went to Roon Settings --> Audio and noticed that this mR was not enabled. After I hit the green button to enable the unit, it now works just fine.

Again, thanks for your help! I am accustomed to excellent support from Sonore and Small Green Computer and had every expectation that my issue would be resolved promptly, and it certainly was.

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If you replace the SD it thinks it a new Rendu and needs to be enabled. You enabled it when you first connected it 2 years ago as well.

Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks again

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