Roon not showing album covers [fixed - server issues]

Hi guys. I’m having the same problem. Tried all of the usual remedies, but no joy.
Edit: although I’m logged into Tidal, I’m not seeing any of their content.

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I have also found that even though I am now signed out of Qobuz and my local artwork is fine, if I try to identify an album, no artwork shows on any of the available albums that Roon finds.

I am sure it’s a problem Roon side on their servers…hopefully they will advise soon.

Same here.

Album art on iMac Pro and Roon Remote on iPhone both suddenly missing artwork today

Same here: virtually all of my local and Tidal artwork is gone since this morning.

I’ve got the same problem.

Roon staff has been made aware. Most of Roon staff is in a US time zone though.


same problem since this morning, france timezone.

Qobuz artwork not available
empty playlists


Thanks @RBM - something to ponder over their first cup of coffee soon then…

Do Roon guys work over the weekend?

Same issue here. Both Tidal and local files. Sometimes after restart everything is back…

It must be something wrong in the Roon eco-system communications with TIDAL and Qobuz. It’s as if a wall between Roon and online services has been erected with a concomitant shutdown! :wink:

How great! I am not on my own with this issue. Feels better in a group :relaxed:

Glad I’m not alone, same problem here, just upgraded everything to 1.6 and this happened at the same time. Glad it’s not 1.6 behaviour.

Same here, also seeing this when going to Tidal

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I am so happy, I have problems with edited album covers (in another thread) Now I thought - FXXX now they are all gone.
So I am sort of relieved now

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Just taken advantage of a Tidal offer and thought something had gone horribly wrong with either my server or Tidal.

I’ve just had a look at the RoonServer logs on my server and it looks like there a bunch of network errors occurring when trying to connect to the Roon servers which hold the images for albums:

> 01/26 13:25:35 Warn: Error in web request https:<<Removed>>1024sq.jpg: NetworkError (Aborted.)
> 01/26 13:25:35 Warn: [additionalimages] networkerror downloading album cover for 166:0:155097: Result[Status=NetworkError, ErrorText=Aborted.]

Just a guess - can still stream OK :slight_smile:

Also her: the same issue with Tidal and Qobuz: albums are not shown as well as the software indicates a network error (the network is up and running).

Update: in the android app no covers are shown also these of CDs stored on my NAS. Until today it worked fine.

Not just the album covers: some Zones icons are also gone. And artist photo’s etc.