Roon not showing album covers [fixed - server issues]

After all the time Roon working perfect this morning Tidal not showing album covers.

I have reboot my NUC Rock and no difference.
When i click reload page i get a few covers but when i click reload again it is gone again.

Anyone for a solution?



Hi, just to let you know that you are not alone. I have the same problem since an hour ago.


Same problem. And when I select a track it’s saying “Tracks not available” was just about to restart my core, but thinking this is a service problem


Same here. Something is broken somewhere…
No pictures in search results, no picture in album, no pictures in overview (App on MacBook as well as mobile clients).
“Tracks played are unavailable”
Music not playing…
Bad. @support - any info what is causing this?

Internet is up. Restart of Core did not help.

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Have the same problem…thought it was 1.6 upgrade- hope not.

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Seems to be on both Tidal and Qobuz. I have it on both with pictures in Tidal and pictures in Qobuz and sometimes not even showing the albums at all.

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Same here… Also, sometimes a search for an artist of which I don’t have local files but which are on Qobuz shows no results at all.

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I have the same problem. I just installed 1.6 and none of my albums except the one I last played are showing their cover images (including local albums). I can stream music so far though.

(And why does my avatar keep getting deleted???)

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Same here! Never happened before, first time today @support

Hi @support,

Yesterday and the days before since the Qobuz launch it was all good. Today however when I search for an artist of which I don’t have any local tracks, I do find it on Qobuz within roon (trial subscription for Qobuz). However, no images get loaded. Even most of my local album and artist images just keep loading while remaining black. Refer to below screenshots as well.

My setup is straightforward, NUC running ROCK, connected to my Devialet 140 Expert pro with ethernet. I’ve already rebooted the NUC but that didn’t solve it.
Any ideas whats going on?


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Thanks a bunch!

Same for me - and agree that before Qobus all well. The 1.6 update seems to have slowed down everything and it feels very laggy and there is little content from both Tidal and Qobuz showing with no cover art. Their standard playlists are all blank.

Just noticed that clicking on refresh for the Qobuz or Tidal pages brings the images through but clicking again and they disappear with an error message saying no network connection. (Before anyone says, yes there is and everything else on the server works). Clicking again and the images return. Something clearly not happy…

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For info…

My screenshot…restarted the server a few times…it’s actually getting worse and worse…can someone please advise? Thanks

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Some of my album cover images are beginning to show… Most are still gone.

I have the same issue. No artwork now shows in my library or Qobuz.

I think it’s fair to say the problem is with Roon and not our local setup…I am sure it will get resolved soon.

Tidal also affected plus my local content.

Just to see what would happen, I tried to share an album I’m listening to and got this:

The Roon symbol moves (scintillates) while next to posting the image there is a spinning circle.

Thought this might help troubleshoot.

I have just signed out of Qobuz and the problem with the library goes away. My local artwork is now back. When I signed back in to Qobuz, my local artwork stayed where it is although it was in much lower than normal resolution but there is nothing on Qobuz. Signing out of Qobuz again solved the problem.