Roon not upsampling DSD256 with T+A dac8 and Microrendu


I have a powerful Windows 10 PC running Roon latest version, connected via ethernet cable to Sonore Microrendu with v2.6 card into T+A dac8.

I usually upsample everything to DSD128. I want to try running DSD256 as the DAC and Sonore handle it, but Roon only offers DSD64 and 128 on the Device setup and Sample rate conversion screens.

Anyone else managed to get this setup to work on Roon?

Why can’t I see an option for DSD256?

Thanks for any ideas.

The limitation is with the DAC–it only supports Native DSD modes via its Windows driver, and needless to say, the microRendu is not a Windows device.

You might want to ask T+A about the status of their Native DSD support for the DAC-8 DSD on Linux. I believe that at one point they were working on it, but I don’t know their status.

Testing is still happening - snail pace though. Still issues that Amanero are working through.

But agree, wouldn’t hurt to ask T+A directly for an update and their plans.

Thanks Brian, I will try that. Would that only be an issue at rates higher than DSD128 though, wouldn’t DSD64 and 128 be similarly affected ?
I thought that I had read that some users of the T+A Dac8 do sample at the high rates and that 256 is supposed to be the “sweet spot” I presume that would not be using the Sonore Microrendu or other Linux device then ?

They are, those choices are for DOP, DSD delivered encapsulated in PCM. DSD 256 DOP requires 705.6 PCM or higher; that DAC tops out at 384 PCM, which is why you don’t see 256 as an option.

Actually, I found 512 to be the sweet spot for this DAC in my listening tests.

Like Brian said, Windows PC. Most manufacturers do not bother making native DSD drivers for Macs, Exasound being a rare exception.

Thanks for the explanation Daniel, now I understand. As you are using the dac with 512, may I ask what computer you are using that is powerful enough to handle DSD 512 without faltering and also what non-Linux device do you use to achieve it ? Thanks, John

This is ridiculous. The only thing that they need to do is update the USB device descriptor. It’s matter of priorities I guess.


Can you jump on that issues discussion and give them some ideas…

Or email T+A privately… they may send you a unit for testing? I’ve seen stranger things happen, so maybe worth a shot (asking).

If the unit is indeed equipped with Amanero then there’s not much that I can do.

The ‘this is ridiculous’ comes from me sitting at a vendor’s factory where the necessary stuff was changed in less then an hour.

And in general: vendor’s should not ship devices that are capable of doing native DSD but don’t support Linux. And with that I don’t mean (“on Linux we do DoP”). They don’t need to patch the kernel (although that would be really ideal), but the USB firmware should expose the necessary stuff.


Yes it is.
Issue is related to Amanero USB receiver firmware limitation on LINUX when playing native DSD. Amanero is working to fix it (Beta FW with native DSD support available, you have to re-flash firmware) but currently still some glitches: , nothing released …

WIN ASIO driver is OK with native DSD 256/512 … and Linux DoP OK (DSD128 limitation)

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Hehe same link I posted just a few posts above.

Sorry … i missed it.

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I think that’s where they were about 18 months ago when I was thinking of using an Amenero module in a build of a DSD DAC.

That link I posted a couple days ago is a June 2018 update… Here it is again:

If you are referring to the ‘snail pace’ I mentioned , then yep, agreed :grin:

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T+A reply to my query:

“The DAC8 DSD currently supports only Windows and MAC OS operating systems. On Linux, DSD playback usually only works up to DSD128. The DAC 8 DSD was never advertised “compatible” with Linux. In the long term, however, the adaptation to the Linux Kernal is also planned. This requires a software update of the Amanero chipset, which would then have to be carried out at the factory.”

Doesn’t look as though anything has moved on unfortunately.