Roon not working in portrait mode on iPad Pro 11

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Debian/Roon 1.6 416
iOS/12.4.1/Roon Remote 1.6 416

Description Of Issue

Roon not working in portrait mode on iPad Pro [Solved - Update Roon to 1.6]

Exactly that, except no matter what I do it is always in landscape. The main purpose of this iPad was to act as a remote and not have a steering wheel simulator whenever I want to switch between apps.

It’s always landscape on my iPad Mini 4.

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I believe portrait mode is only supported on the ipad pro 12.9".

Which is crazy… why is that?

Something to do with the resolution of the ipad pro 11" not accommodating the real estate roon currently requires. For a more in depth answer, there are some topics on the forum that go in further detail.

They probably determined it’s just too narrow on anything smaller and the resolution would be too small.

Hi @evilmaniac,

Please see this post from Danny about this:

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