Roon Nucleus build update drops a hard drive

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus+ Gen 2.

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Description Of Issue
Before the update I have had 4 drives plugged in and all working well. 3 8TB drives and 1 2TB drive.
New update comes it updates itself but then 1 drive falls off and can no longer be found?
Very odd please help?

Have you rebooted it again since the update?

Yup but it only recognises 3 drives does not pick up the 4th which is connected to an internal USB port.

Have you swapped the drives around on the ports to see if it is drive or port?

Not yet. It was working prior to the update - can’t see why it will just drop off after a update?
Did the new update limit how many drives or how many songs can be catalogued by the unit?

No nothing like that. But there may have been a hardware glitch or a failure.
Drives often fail to mount at reboot for example when the power on tests find a fault.
Worth while to juggle things about a bit and see what that brings.

ok so took it down and changed the internal port the drive was working and it came back up again, hmmm so does it mean one of the internal usb ports in the roon has been disabled by the new update? odd

Put it back on the suspect one and see if it comes up

a few notes:

  1. Nothing changed related to ports in that build, but a large change to the Linux kernel did occur
  2. These internal ports are not part of the product and we do not support them, but it was not our intention to change functionality here
  3. It’s unclear what your setup is – can you please describe the full setup with many more details (drive models, interfaces, filesystems, etc…), as well as photos of the setup? Please mark which ports are working and which are not, and whether you’ve plugged multiple drives into each port, or just the one.

This is a unique and unsupported configuration, and you may be exceeding power limits of the 65w power supply. A powered USB hub could solve this problem if this is indeed what is occuring. Do you have a power consumption meter you could use to test? Something like this:

Oh I realise now, when you said internal, you really meant inside the machine. I didn’t realize there was such a thing, learn day etc.

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Hi Danny

Thanks for your message mate. Ged indeed internal ports:-)

So it has been working very well for 4-6 weeks without a problem until more recently after the update. Are there any cpu throttle setting changes in the new updates danny which can affect power consumption?

So the setup is

the nucleus plus v2
a micron ion 5210 8tb ssd drive connected via sata internally
a micron ion 5210 8tb drive connected to usb port on the inside of machine ( initially to the port on the right of mobo when you open up the case upside down - now connected to port on the left)
a micro ion 5210 8th drive connected to ext usb port
a samsung 2tb t5 sssd connected to external port

besides the internal drive, the other micron 8tb ssds are connected to the usb ports using this adaptor

power supply to the roon nucleus is via a uptone audio js2 power source

disks are all formatting as ntfs from memory. I only plug 1 drive into 1 port. don;t have a power consumption monitor at home - the js2 can supply quite a bit of juice if needed though i believe

Try with original power supply.

why go backwards? the js2 is a better power supply than the original ps?

Danny will sata port expanders work with the nucleus plus v2? am thinking that can be an option to internalise all the 8tb ssds to internal sata rather than via usb

I really like your massive setup, but you dont think you are using the wrong tool for the job?
You are most likely way overloading the power supplys of the poor little NUC :slight_smile:
I am not in the least surprised that one of the drives dropped out.

Besides, the switched PSU is most likely the better PSU from a computer perspective, very fast, very low impedance and huge current capability when needed.
(And finally, actually delivering the voltage required)

Hi Mikael

A good power supply will do wonders for your sound. Same as good alcohol comes from clean water , a good power supply opens things up and lowers the noise floor. Try it:-)

Oh, you don’t need to suggest that. I am already using various linear PSU’s. :slight_smile:
But it might be worth a try with the original PSU since it is more powerful, and delivers the requested voltage to the Nucleus.
A power supply has one primary function, to supply power. All other properties are secondary and if it’s primary purpose fails then you can argue for “low noise” how much you like.
You are aware that there are a multitude of switching powersupplys built in, in all NUC’s, computers and consequently even your Nucleus? Since they are running on a single DC voltage, and various parts of computing platforms requires other voltages these cannot be replaced by linear power supplys. (On ATX motherboards you have better options of suppling lownoise, regulated voltages in 3.3V, 5V and 12V, some of these even positive and negative simultaneously. Still, there are many power supplys on these motherboards also, however fewer than in a NUC)

Problem here seem to be that you are draining the NUC’s powersupply’s, designed to accomodate the computing platform in itself, and perhaps two internal drives. I doubt the regulators in the NUC is designed for powering more than two portable USB drives, or internal drives.

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