Roon Nucleus crashes. Sometimes powers off sometimes just Lost Connection

Roon Nucleus connected via LAN cable to Luxul router. USB 2.0 Mybook 2TB drive connected via USB directly to Nucleus, Bryston BDP Pi streamer connected via LAN cable to the same Luxul router.

A few times a day the Roon screen with pop blank then Lost Connection! message appears. Normally lasts 10 15 seconds. Then Roon core reconnects and control resumes. Sometimes ( not all ) the playback will continue while Lost Connection? error message is on screen.

There are times when the Lost Connection! error message is visible that the power light on the rear of the unit goes out. When that is the case I power off the Nucleus and that normally restores operation.

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Hi @Michael_Burns I’m assuming this is a new installation as you are a new member here.

How big is your library ie number of tracks approximately?

Is your nucleus a + or just basic i3 model? Is it getting very warm to the touch?

Is it still importing and or analyzing your library? Check in the library tab under settings.

How many cores is it using in the library setting to do analysis?

And where exactly is the Nucleus sited?

Nucleus is sitting on a shelf 3 feet from the router, 2 feet from the USB Hard Drive ( powered via wall wart not via USB ). Bryston streamer is 3 feet from router,

Library is approx 35K songs not including Tidal. Perhaps 10% of the file volume is 24 bit files ranging from 48k sampling to 192K sampling.

Nucleus is a Nucleus. Never warm to the touch. This install is approx 5 weeks old. Not still importing or scanning library.

Also of note. Bryston streamer never looses lock or goes off line. Connected to the same router as the Nucleus.

Hi @Michael_Burns — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is very appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, would you kindly verify for me what build number you are running in regard to the “Roon Labs Software Version”? This information can be found by going into “settings” > “about”. I just want to make sure that the device is fully up to date :+1:


If the music is playing, this is surely a network issue.

If the music stops, it could be a RoonServer issue or a Nucleus issue.

If the power light goes out, this is almost surely an issue of an overheating unit, as the system is designed to power off cleanly in the event of an overheat.

How hot is your room and/or the shelf the Nucleus is on? Also, please confirm that you have a Nucleus and not a Nucleus+.


Roon Labs Software Version reads : 1.0 ( build 6 ) stable.

This is a Nucleus. It never even gets warm to to the touch. It is on a top shelf above (next shelf down ) a passive preamp stage that emits zero heat. It has no barriers to convection cooling. The room is maintained at 72 degrees year 'round.

Danny, Per Steve S’s suggestion last afternoon I re-loaded the Roon OS ( 1.0 Build 6 ) Ran Roon all night. This AM at 8:56 I had Roon App running but had paused the track. Lost Connection! Error popped up and is still there 3 minutes later. Power light on the Nucleus is on. Nucleus is cool to the touch. All other devices connected to this router are operational. including wifi ( non of the audio rig is on wifi, all are wired connections ).

I checked the logs from your system, and it is reporting a lot of network issues. Your network cant seem to sustain a stable connection for hours at a time.

Is there wifi involved anywhere?

Update. My Bryston streamer that is also connected via LAN cable to the Luxul router is not responding. I have the correct IP address but it is not responding. Power light is on. Maybe the router is at fault after all.

More information. I run the Luxul router for the showroom system only. We also have a home LAN and wifi router. On a whim I checked my wifi connection on my office laptop and it had swapped from my showroom wifi over to the home wifi. This explains the Roon Lost connection and BDP streamer not responding. This does not explain the times the App has Lost Connection! for a few seconds then comes back on. Or when it shows the Lost Connection! error but misc continues.

No idea why the the laptop swapped from work wifi to home wifi. The luxul gets its signal from a 100 foot Cat 6e LAN cable that is plugged into our home router.

New data. Roon app on the laptop. Roon playing a Tidal track, Lost Connection! message appears. Tidal track still playing. Checked wifi on laptop, laptop wif still connected to work wifi.

More info. I just closed out a content heavy site ( ESPN ) and as soon as it closed the Roon App found it’s connection. Will try to duplicate.

Loaded several heavy content sites. Ran w/o problems for 15+ minutes.

Your network (maybe the router) is definitely doing something here… it seems like you lose the connection with extended traffic and/or it is preventing discovery packets from being seen.

Danny, Any hints on how to proceed? Can I set priority for the Nucleus over other traffic? I will also of course reach out to my Luxul fellow.

You can not… that’s not really how IP networks work. There is QoS, but that’s not really what you want.

Ok, let’s try to isolate the issue. Do you have a USB drive plugged into the Nucleus? how about a USB DAC?

First thing I’d do is try to reproduce the issue without networking. If you can, then we have a more isolated case to evaluate. Try playing something from a USB drive to a USB DAC, no TIDAL.

If that all works fine, then let’s introduce 1 variable: a networked DAC.

Then if that works, let’s introduce TIDAL.


I have an AM flight to DC for a turntable setup and will be back on Thursday afternoon. I do have a USB dac ( Bryston BDA-3 ) and can run it directly off of the Nucleus and will see if what happens when I return. ie no streamer just the Nucleus as an endpoint via USB to the dac. Thanks for all of your help sir.

Hey @Michael_Burns – just wanted to see how things have been going with your Nucleus over the last few weeks?

Hopefully everything has been stable, but let us know if you’re having any issues and we can take a look.