Roon/Nucleus doesn't recognize DAC after latest update

In a word YES. certainly if it was was working in the precious Roon Nucleus build.

@wizardofoz appreciate the response. It was 100% working prior to the last update. Any ideas how to fix it?

@connor @Wes @support Please, can someone at Roon assist me?

Is it possible to revert back to the previous build?

A few thoughts below if anyone can provide feedback, it would be appreciated.

1.) Curious to know if the USB ports should be listed in the audio section with the ability to “enable” like the HDMI ports are in the photo. Nothing currently attached to the HDMI ports. I haven’t noticed how this was in the past so curious to know.

2.) I ordered a HDMI to USB adapter to try in one of HDMI ports. Not really sure if that’s something that would work but thought I’d give it a shot. Does anyone have experience with an adapter of this kind?

3.) The DAC manufacturer doesn’t know what the issue is and hasn’t heard from other Roon client’s using this specific DAC of any issues. He offered to replace the USB input circuit board if I ship it back to them for a fee. Wonder if I should give that a shot?

4.) As for the potential of a USB driver issue with the Nucleus, wouldn’t there be many others with the issue after the latest update to build 1148? I’ve read here of issues with Nucleus constantly restarting, core not findable, and issues with internal SSD. I haven’t had any of those issues and my internal ssd has been fine and continues to be connected. So not sure my issue is the same as others after moving to build 1148… IS THERE ANYONE ELSE HAVING ISSUES WITH A DAC CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO NUCLEUS VIA USB AFTER THE UPDATED TO BUILD 1148??