Roon Nucleus Titan

Hi Folks

Curious if any may have upgraded from Nucleus+ to Roon Titan. It has been several months since Titan’s release. Looking for your views, recommended? not recommended?

I can find no audio publication reviews nor any comments from fellow Roon community members. Just a post of Titan issues posted by Roon. All of which makes me somewhat skittish to upgrade.

Looking forward to the feedback.

I traded in a nucleus plus. Couldn’t be happier with the Titan.

I also run Roon server versions on other devices for testing, but am lucky enough to be able to enjoy the simplicity and reliability of an “appliance”.

It’s snappy - has functioned perfectly and looks great on top of my equipment rack. Even my wife said it was gorgeous.

Not only that, but I am able to handle multiple (16) zones well with RHEOS.

If cost is not the main driver, I can only say I am totally happy with what this delivered - and am more than able to set up a ROCK unit anytime - but why would I?

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Thank you Peter

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I’ll join @peter_richardson in having traded-in my Nucleus Plus for a Titan.

I’m incredibly pleased with my decision and am really enjoying my new Titan (in stone).

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Thank you Collin