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Have been controlling Roon on iPad and on Samsung phone I’m about to turn in the iPad and would like control on a larger device than the phone.

Installed on laptop and Roon app tells me the resolution is not great enough to run Roon. Is this correct or have I done something wrong or is there a fix?

Do you use scaling? See also:

thanks for response I guess I am not computer savvy enough to do this. I have the laptop resolution set to recommended and it is as high as can be set. Have not been able to access “app data” on C drive? Am waiting on phone help from microsoft now.

It looks like Roon is not compatible with Windows 10??? Is that possible? Microsoft technical help spent a lot of time with me and that is their conclusion.

No, if that’s the conclusion that Microsoft technical help reached, then they are simply wrong.

Joe there are many tens of thousands of uses running Roon on Windows 10 so that’s not the issue.
This might be a driver issue as Roon requires version of OpenGL or you might want to look at what Blacjack has said to you about scaling options.

Are you by chance running Windows display at something like 200% ?

I have looked at several different resolutions but, no, not 200. I am not confident that I am typing the codes correctly because the Roon app. simply does not respond after some typing. I am confident that it will run on this laptop but I am not computer savvy enough to understand what to do or how to do it. It sucks being old and slow to understand!

Would you right click on the windows desktop, someplace with no icons visible, and then select “display settings”
In that popup about 4 or so items down it will say your resolution and give you some options.
Would you tell us the options listed?

something like that. Select a larger one.
If you have no modes listed, you will probably need to install some video drivers.

But this is a starting point.


1366 x 768 (recommended)
1280 x 720
1024 x 768
800 x 600
I have been on 1366 x 768 as recommended.
When I look in Roon app there is option to run in windows 8 but that does not work at all

Thank you.
I’ll apologize first.
The minimum recommended resolution is 1440 x 900 Resolution

Looking up the specs now.

Unfortunately that looks to be the max resolution the laptop can do.

It does seem max so I have to look for a different controller. I have been using the iPad that is on loan with my newspaper subscription and am needing to eliminate hat expense. My phone will do until I can figure something else out. Thanks for all the help from the Roon Community!!


When roon says not enough resolution does it not give you an option to run full screen?

Also, in addition to the resolution, there’s a “scale and layout” setting. What is that set to? Can you try reducing that?

Joe I think many of us use our phone’s and/or pcs or macs. But I would suggest more and more of us predominantly use just the phone that is already in our hands. If you’re laptop does not go to the minimum resolution then keep using the phone you have.

You can also look at a 10” Android tablet which can be gotten pretty cheaply these days and work well


Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the suggestions but am convinced this laptop will not run Roon. So, I will use something else.


You have to run Roon in full screen with only 1366 x 768 resolution. In full screen mode the 768 pixels are just enough height to run Roon without missing content.