Roon on NUC10i7 with Rock and LINN: immediate CRASH

Fortsetzung der Diskussion von Roon on NUC10i7 with Rock (227) crashes immediately when playing any track:

Roon Core Machine

NUC10i7 with 32 GByte RAM and 1 TByte SSD
running Rock and Roon build 970

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Switch: Netgear JGS524PE GBit Ethernet
Router: AVM Fritz!Box 6591 Cable
WIFI only for the iPAD

Connected Audio Devices

LINN NG Klimax System Hub

Number of Tracks in Library

appr. 350.000

Description of Issue

  • when using the streamer with the LINN App Kazoo the Roon Core don’t start anymore (looking at the web-site of Rock: it doesn’t start, crashes after some minutes during start up of the library)
  • when I don’t use the streamer in parallel at least the Roon core starts; I can also start the Roon App on my iPAD; once I try to start a track - immediate crash of Roon :sob: :sob: :sob: I have tried this for several hours many times, restarted the streamer before starting Roon core, restartet the NAS (where the library is stored) …

=> I cannot use Roon anymore :disappointed_relieved:

  • and if you look at the linked thread, this issue lasts now since beginning of 2022
  • and if you look at Roon stopping randomly, I am struggling with Roon FOR FIVE YEARS NOW


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