Roon on synology keeps crashing

Synology DS920+

I installed roon on my synology last week. It started off ok, I could connect to it with roon player, and add my music folder to it. but within a few minutes it just crashes and roon player can no longer access it with “waiting for roon core” and “Uh oh. something’s not right Make sure your Roon Core is turned on and that you’re connected to the same network”

I’ve tried uninstalling and deleting everything including the RoonServer share and starting from scratch, everything loads up, then again a few minutes later same thing. i cant seem to access it from roon player

The 920 is more than adequate for running Roon Server. I recommend providing more details. Which Roon on NAS version are you running? What other services are you running on your NAS? How much RAM does your NAS have? How big is your music collection? What RAID format are you using? Does Synology Audio Station have any problems at all seeing all of your local music? Are you housing the Roon database on your main drives or an external SSD?

Also, note the format required for support posts, and try to provide as much detail of that as possible.

Have you got a working backup from a previous build? It looks like it is failing while trying to catalogue and analyse your music and running out of steam trying to do so. Try restoring from a backup and then adding music.

I didn’t see a template format for posts, sorry about that.

I’m using SHR. I have 12GB of ram, there’s no difference with the default ram.
I don’t use synology audio station, but nothing else I use has any issues with my music. Plexamp for example works great.
Roon database is on an external NVME.
plexamp reports my music collection at about 1000 albums

Oh yes. I was thinking that this was the support forum, where they do have a post format. Apologies.

Anyway…are you running DSM 7? Did you download the DSM 7 of Roon on NAS? Are you running legacy Roon (1.8) or Roon 2.0?

Only just saw the second sentence of your reply, apologies.
I am using DMS 6 and The DMS6 version of RoonOnNAS.
The latest download, so 2.0.

Does it only crash after you add the music folder to Roon but not when Roon is empty?

I haven’t been able to find a single log in log center with the word roon.
however I think i’ve linked the timing of the roon core failing to the error in the logs of the ssd / usb drive being ejected unexpectedly. no idea why there’s no issues with the drive, smart data and cluster scan report 100% ok. and the nvme enclosure and drive have no issues when used on my laptop. it seems a common synology issue though.

So i think i’m going to have to give up on running the core on a synology.

Have you tried using an eSATA enclosure?

I haven’t but I was under the impression the esata port was for the expansion module only, and won’t allow single disks in enclosures to be mounted as storage volumes. Is that incorrect?

Yes that is incorrect. You can use it with a setup like I describe here, and which I currently use:

Hi, @berryaxe.

Are you familiar with the option of running Roon in a Docker container on Synology? I wrote an end to end walkthrough on how to do it almost two years ago. May people are running Roon this way:

I have not had a single issue since running Roon in Docker. Synology v7 broke Roon for a long time but, in a Docker container, Roon was isolated from the platform changes and had no issues. Synology is now testing their next major platform release which has the potential to break it again but is likely to not impact Docker hosted versions.

Running in Docker is identical to running in Linux which many people do. I strongly suggest you give it a try. Stop the current package and go through the walkthrough. Some UX has changed in Synology - if you can’t figure out how the walkthrough maps to the new UX, just ask.

I bet you’ll be surprised by how easy, quick, and stable this is.

Hope this helps!

thanks I shall order one of those esata adapters and give it a try to see if the experience is better.

I have docker for other programs so am willing to try roon in docker too, thanks I’ll give it a try

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If I’d known that, I would have used fewer words :slight_smile:

Are all four bays full or can you update the configuration to allow an SSD as JOBD?

I run Roon database e-sata USB enclosure with a 500 GB SSD. DSM 7.xx and macthing Roon server
No issues

@berryaxe how are things working out?

I spent ages looking for an esata nvme enclosure, but couldn’t find one, so ended up having to buy a 2.5 ssd and esata enclosure, the ssd arrived but not the enclosure yet, so i’ll have to chase it

it arrived today so i’ve set it up. adding library now. we’ll see how it goes.