Roon PC rarely works

I have my music on the hard drive. I have see picture the recommended tar file in codecs folder, Nuc restarts, other ffmpeg codecs copied in the folder but doesn’t work. It always shows codecs missing. Another question. Can i sort the favorite songs by date at Tidal? If so, where can I do that? Is it normal that the favorite radio stations are simply deleted? Maybe after a reboot, but it is annoying to always reinstall.

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

You will need to extract the ffmpeg file so there is just the main ffmpeg in the Codecs folder. I suggest using 7-zip to perform the extraction, at the end it should look something like this:

More info on this can be found in our Codecs Knowledge Base Article.

You can sort by Date Added in the Track Browser:

If you’d like to only see TIDAL content, you can use the Focus Feature:

No, this is not normal. Does the same behavior occur on multiple Roon Remotes? If you reinstall Roon and don’t preserve the database it would remove any items in your library including Radio Stations, I would double check to see if this happens on all remotes.

I have extracted the file, but only the ffmpeg file in the folder purely … It was not clear to me. Now it works.
I have roon app in android and in windows. Since you can not sort the songs by date. Where exactly can I do it? Which app, browser, how do I get there … And the most important thing is, if I do it, then it stays that way.

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

Glad this works.

You will need to navigate to the Track Browser, this can be accessed by going to the main menu and then clicking on Tracks. I can’t say for sure if all of the options are present on Android since this uses a different screen size, but they should be visible in your Windows Roon Remote.

You should be able to save a Bookmark (top right in the Tracks browser, next to search) for easy access. More information on Bookmarks can be found in this thread (How do you use Bookmarks?).

In the track browser you can only sort music on the hard disk by date. Qobuz is automatically sorted by date. My question relates to sorting the Tidal tracks by date. That does not work in the Android and in the Windows Roon app to my knowledge. Right?!

The Track Browser shows the content of your library, which consists of your local files plus the content that you have added to your library from your subscribed streaming services (e.g. TIDAL and/or Qobuz).

So you should be able to sort all your music by date, not just music on your local storage.

Everyone on my hard drive has a lot more stored songs than favorite Streaming Tidal and Qobuz tracks. It does not make sense to sort by date, especially if you probably save the data to disk at once. The result is track browser for Tidal and Qobuz completely useless. Bubble DS, Mconnect, Mcontrol, Tidal, Blusound, AVM, Linn, Naim… and all of my known apps can sort Tidal or Qobuz favorite songs by date. It is not a big deal. When will it be possible at Roon? At Tidal, if I choose an artist, I would like to see not just the albums, involved work… Inspired, also the most popular songs. Will it also be integrated into the Roon Android app or other Roon app? Will Amazon Streaming also be integrated in the Roon?

I’m not really sure what you are asking for here. If you are saying that you just want to be able to sort Qobuz and/or TIDAL tracks by date and filter out the local tracks, then you can do this in the Track Browser by using the Focus/Format selector, and save the Focus as a Bookmark for future use. See the Focus article in the KB

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

As @Geoff_Coupe mentioned, you can use the filter feature to sort only TIDAL and Qobuz content in the track browser, the option is listed under “Format”. Once you select either TIDAL or Qobuz, the local library tracks should not be visible any longer in the browser.

These are all “Feature Requests” and the best place to make your voice heard would be on the feature request section of this site. There is also a very long thread regarding Amazon music integration which can be found here: High resolution audio from Amazon

I could try a lot of things and Roon convinces me more and more … I may need 2 Roon servers. In the other house only a wireless connection is possible. How can I use my roon rock server via wifi? Wifi is enabled in the BIOS. An antenna is connected. The wifi connection is constantly very good.

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

We always suggest using Ethernet whenever possible as we have found this to provide the best Roon experience, and if a direct link is not possible we have found mesh-style networks with Ethernet out to be very useful in these circumstances.

If you want to take a further look at the ROCK WiFi connection though, you would need to select it in the ROCK Web UI under the networking settings area. Does WiFi appear listed as an option there?

I know that you always recommend LAN connection, but it is not always possible.

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

What is the model/manufacturer of the WiFi antenna? WiFi is not something that we extensively test on ROCK, we have a report of this dongle working (WiFi dongle for ROCK?) but ROCK is typically meant to be connected via Ethernet to the router.

Is there something preventing you from connecting your ROCK directly to the router and then using some sort of Roon Bridge (Allo USBridge/Sonore Micro-UltraRendu) to facilitate any USB connections and leave the Node/PS Audio on Roon Ready mode?

I have an internal solution and an external USB solution both without success. Between the router and Roon Rock are several walls, floors and a direct connection is not possible. The WiFi connection is very good and in this house I would like to use a Roon PC via Wifi.

TPLink TL WN823N USB Adapter

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

Thanks for letting me know the model of the WiFi adapter.

As I mentioned, WiFi is not something that we extensively test on ROCK, our recommendation would be to use Ethernet whenever possible or to use the adapter that was reported to be working in the thread above.

Typically, our customers have ROCK sitting right next to the router and then use other methods of transporting the audio, such as Micro/Ultra Rendu or having WiFi capable endpoints.

I understand that this may not be possible, so my follow-up suggestion would be a mesh-style network that can provide Ethernet output to your Core and/or endpoints and have them connected that way.


meiner Roon Rock Nuc PC funktioniert leider wieder nicht. Ich nutze seit Wochen Bubble upnp und nicht Roon, aber ich habe viel Geld investiert und ich bin der Meinung Roon soll auch funktionieren. Mein Setup, Router, Anbieter usw hat sich nicht geändert, alles gleich geblieben nur Roon funktioniert nicht. Auf mein Handy Huawei P30 pro, Huawei Mate 10pro Roon installiert und der Roon App findet selten mein Roon Rock Nuc. Wenn ich ihn sehen kann, dann kann ich extrem langsam navigieren. Zum Beispiel Tidal Favoriten Lieder abspielen ca 20Min bis es klappt… Nach dem Roon App start soll mein Roon Rock Nuc sofort erscheinen und ich sollte Tidal, Qobuz und meine Musikdaten sofort abspielen können. Was ist schon wieder das Problem?

(Translated by Google)

my Roon Rock Nuc PC is unfortunately not working again. I’ve been using Bubble upnp for weeks and not Roon, but I’ve invested a lot of money and I think Roon should work too. My setup, router, provider, etc. has not changed, everything remained the same, only Roon does not work. Installed on my cell phone Huawei P30 pro, Huawei Mate 10pro Roon and the Roon app rarely finds my Roon Rock Nuc. If I can see him, I can navigate extremely slowly. For example Tidal favorites play songs about 20min until it works … After the Roon app start my Roon Rock Nuc should appear immediately and I should be able to play Tidal, Qobuz and my music data immediately. What’s the problem again?

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

Is this behavior the same on all of the Roon Remotes? Have you tried re-installing the Roon app on these devices?

I’m not sure I understand this part, you are saying that you are not able to control your Core after the ROCK boots up? Even after it has completed booting up after a few minutes?

Is the ROCK now connected via Ethernet to your router or did you find a compatible WiFI adapter?

Ist dieses Verhalten bei allen Roon-Fernbedienungen gleich? Haben Sie versucht, die Roon-App auf diesen Geräten erneut zu installieren?

Ja mehrmals

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich diesen Teil verstehe. Du sagst, dass du deinen Core nicht kontrollieren kannst, nachdem der ROCK hochgefahren ist? Auch nachdem es nach ein paar Minuten hochgefahren ist?

Roon App erkennt den Roon Rock Nuc aber reagiert nicht auf die Befehle. Zum Beispiel ich klicke auf Tidal und überlegt sich minutenlang…

Ist der ROCK jetzt über Ethernet mit Ihrem Router verbunden oder haben Sie einen kompatiblen WLAN-Adapter gefunden?

Ich habe 2 Phones und 2 Roon Rock Nuc PCs mit Intel i5 und Intel i7 Prozessoren. Ich verbinde mit Ethernet Kabel den Roon Rock mit dem Switch, aber egal welchen Roon Rock PC ich einschalte, egal welches Telefon ich benutze, Roon bleibt langsam wie eine Schnecke, also unbrauchbar

Hi @Krisztian_Soos,

Thanks for that additional info.

Just to confirm, the behavior is the same when you’re using either Roon ROCK as the Core or does it occur just on one of the Cores and not the other? What is the model/manufacturer of the switch?

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