Roon Play List back up & restoration

I have attempted several times to backup my Roon play lists to a WD portable 4 TB USB hard drive. I have had to reset my Roon Nucleus+ several times & each time my play lists have “disappeared” or at least they do not show up in Roon.

My scheduled automatic backups also cease when I reset my Roon Nucleus+. When I go into Roon software to schedule a back up, my portable USB hard drive does not show up as a possible back up destination whether it is plugged into my desktop computer or into my Roon Nucleus+.

The above screen shots show what is on my portable USB hard drive play, after my previous list back up attempts, as I “drill down” on the contents. How do I use this information to restore my play lists?

How do I restore my playlists so that they are again visible in Roon and get Roon to recognize my USB portable hard drive as a back up destination?.

All settings and Playlists are stored in a RoonServer Database backup. If you have reset your Server, which sets it back to fresh, you should then restore a previous backup and all storage settings and playlists should be there.

Currently, there is no way to restore “just playlists” or “just backup settings” from a backup.

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Hello @Greg_Johnson,

Thanks for letting us know the issue you ran into. Sorry about the trouble!

@Rugby’s answer is precisely on point - thanks! :pray:

If you have access to one of your previous backups (it seems to me that you had mentioned backing up Roon before), could you please restore it? That way, you’d also restore your playlists in Roon. You can do so by logging out of Roon and logging back in - on that login screen, at the bottom of the screen you should see a clickable Restore backup.

To continue to backup Roon to your portable USB hard drive, make sure you connect it to your Core (i.e. your Nucleus). Once connected, does it simply not show up?


Sorry, I noticed I had not replied to your email. I was able to restore one of my previous backups. I unplugged and re-plugged my WD portable USB hard drive into my Roon Nucleus+ again and this time the portable hard drive showed up which allowed me to restore one of my backups.

Each time my system went down and I had to reset my Roon database & settings I did not initially restore one of my backups but instead began new play lists. I realize now that this was not the right way to do things.

My question to you is can Roon develop some backup software to, in one easy step, not only back up all of the song files but also the related database & settings in one easy step or is there something I am not understanding about the difficulties of doing so?


Yes you aren’t understanding.
Proper backup software for the several terabytes on various disks and network shares that roon users make use of is a major task.

Hey @Greg_Johnson,

Absolutely no worries about not replying right away. I’m delighted at the news: thank you for going through the effort :pray:

While I’m not really in a position to share an informed opinion on the level of difficulty or necessary resources to create a solution to back up your music files alongside your Roon database, there certainly is interest in it:

If you wanted to show your interest by posting on the above thread, or vote for this feature request, it would mean a lot.

In the meantime, here are some popular solutions Roon subscribers are using to backup their music library;

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I have run into another problem with my Roon playlists. I restored my previous saved backup lists saved on my portable USB hard drive which is attached to my Roon Nucleus+. While the playlists show up on my Roon i-phone app they do not show up on my desktop computer. I don’t understand why this is. Do you have any solution? The Roon Nucleus+ and my Dell XPS8700 desktop computer are connected via ethernet cable on my home network

Hi @Greg_Johnson, are you using a different Roon profile on the desktop than the iPhone? Can you share screenshots of what you are seeing on both?

Attached are screen shots of what I am seeing when I try to bring up “play lists” The blank one is from my desktop computer. The other one that shows my play lists is from my i-phone.

I do have two different profiles (see attached screen shot) but I don’t know why. How do I make sure that the profiles are the same in the desktop computer & the i-phone?


All Profiles live on the Roon database which is only on your Core machine. There are no Profiles that are physically on your iPhone.

I think that only things that appear under ‘My Stuff’ are segregated by Profile.

Therefore to ensure that you are always using just the one Profile, if the Profile that contains your Playlists also has all the other things that are in ‘My Stuff’, then it would seem that all you have to do is delete the Profile that is empty of Playlists.

As a test, in Settings==>Profilles enable the Profile you want to keep, i.e. the one with your Playlists, and see if your Tags and History are complete.

If you have unwittingly been switching between different Profiles, then your History (at the least) will be incomplete.

I don’t believe one can merge Profiles.

Unfortunately I deleted the wrong Profile and I now have no apparent Roon play lists on either my i-phone or on my desktop computer. What a shame. This comes from a fundamental lack of understanding on my part of how Roon works.

I do have Roon playlist backups on a portable USB hard drive connected to my Roon Nucleus +. Am I correct in assuming that if I try to restore one of my play list backups, Roon will be unable to do so because it will be searching for the deleted Profile and be unable to find it? Or would the two Profiles that I had also have been backed up along with the play lists, be restored along with the play lists?

See, when you put it that way it makes me think you don’t understand. The are no separate Profiles for desktop and phone. All your existing Profiles can be accessed on either.

Playlists and Profiles (and everything else) live in your Roon database. You wouldn’t be backing up one without the other.

Assuming you used Roon Backup to back up the database, then do a Roon Restore.

That should Restore all the Profiles, Playlists, and everything else that existed at the time of the Backup.

At this point there’s no harm in trying. Just do a Backup first, then Restore from the Backup before that. That way if the Restore really goes south because you deleted a Profile that existed at the time of the Backup you can (if need be) at least get back to where you are as of today and you won’t have lost anything else, e.g. Tags.