Roon Quits unexpectantly on MacBook Pro, cannot locate Core

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1, Chip Apple M1 Pro, 32GB RAM, 2 TB SSD. Music library on SSD and external 10 TB GDrive and 4 TB GDrive.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected to Netgear Nighthawk 8 port Router.

Connected Audio Devices

I’m using a Roon certified Cary DMS 650 Streamer for Playback

Number of Tracks in Library

166,000 Tracks

Description of Issue

I moved my core from my old MacBook Pro to my new MacBook Pro, and unauthorized my previous Core. Now, when I launch Roon, it quits all the time on every song. When I search for Roon Core, it doesn’t find it. I don’t think the Core has been installed on my new MacBook Pro. Please help. Thank you

Got to Roon - Settings - General - Disconnect and see if you see both cores.

Hi Jim. All I see is one Core

@Bruce_Dennis, is that the correct Mac running your Core in your Settings → General screenshot? What is showing in your Settings → Audio tab?

Hi Robert. It is showing This Mac, but if I look further, it is showing MacBookPro. I think the core is using another machine because I’m using my MacBook Pro to run Roon.

I restored a backup from my old Mac, and used that on my MacBook Pro after looking at the instructions on moving my Core to another machine. I bet it retained the previous Core’s location, and that explains why it can’t locate the Core on my MacBook Pro.

I think you’ve found the solution Robert. How can we verify the Core is on my MacBook Pro? I don’t think the Core is residing on this machine because it is showing MacBook Pro as Other network devices.

I agree, this appears to be the issue. If you turn off the old MBPro (as in shut down the entire laptop and take it offline), what happens when Roon is started on your new M1 MBPro?

Should I disconnect the Roon Core on my new MacBook Pro?

Hi Robert, nothing has changed on my new MacBook Pro. That was a good idea, as I didn’t know my old MacBook Pro was on.

Bruce, is your new M1 MBPro now working correctly as the Core with all of your music files being read correctly?

Robert, I may have spoken too soon. Songs are still quitting, and it doesn’t find the Core when I do a search. Also, Roon has shut down a couple of times as well. Sorry about that.

Hi Robert, well thanks, it’s no longer quitting unexpectantly, but the Playlists I created don’t all appear in My Playlists. I really appreciate your assistance in fixing the one big issue, so I don’t want to bring up another one so quickly. But I don’t want to lose those precious Playlists I just created. Only when I add a song to a Playlist I created in Roon gives me the option Add to Playlist or + New Playlist. Where do I find those Playlists? Thank you.
Here is a screen shot:

I was wondering if there is a log file I can send that would tell us if the core is configured for the new MacBook Pro, or is it still trying to use the old core that was on my previous MacBook.
Can we save the playlists and do a reinstall of the Core on my new MacBook?
Also, it can’t seem to locate the Core when I do a search, so doesn’t that mean that there is an issue with the Core?
Thanks for your help.

Yes, playlists transfer when moving a Core and restoring a backup. When you moved your Core to the M1 MBP, did you follow these guidelines:

Or did you restore a Mac backup from Time Machine to the M1 MBP or some other method? Roon recovery and migrations do not work with Time Machine backups.

I backed up my Roon Core using Roon to an external hard drive from my old MacBook, and restored it from the external hard drive to my M1 MBP. I didn’t use Time Machine. But when I first got my new MBP, I used the Migration Tool to bring over all of my files from my old MacBook Pro, and Roon was on my old MacBookPro. Do you think there are some remnants of Roon files that were brought over to my M1 MBP when I did the migration? This is so frustrating because I cannot hear a song in its entirety without it stopping.

Now that I think about it when I followed the instructions on how do I move my Roon library to a new computer when I first got my M1MBP, I ran the Roon.dmg file, but it didn’t look like it installed any files. I didn’t see a progress bar showing files were being installed. I then followed the next step and clicked on Restore a Backup instead of logging in as the instructions indicate. Also, there have been many Roon quits unexpectantly still as I indicated in my initial post. Can someone read the log files? Here is a screen shot.

@Bruce_Dennis, your screenshot shows an exception log for application failures that is sent to Apple. I will tag @support for you, but if Roon’s team requests your Roon logs, there is a folder in your Library directory that you will need to send to them. Roon’s logs identify different information that Roon’s development and suppprt team use to diagnose issues.

That’s great Robert, I so appreciate it. I can send the folder anytime. Would you know the path on where it’s located exactly?

Information is found here, but until/unless Roon requests these, I recommend waiting until they respond to this thread: