Roon Radio doesn't take into account recent play history causing repeats

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Connected Audio Devices

Various RAAT endpoints.

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Description of Issue

The other day I did the following.

  1. Seed track A into queue and turn on Roon Radio.
  2. Hit Play
  3. Add to queue track B and C.

When track C ended, Roon Radio played track C again.

Now, track C was a perfect selection to the seed of A but to the user, me, this was just bad behavior. I don’t need to hear the same song twice in a row. In fact, I’d prefer not to hear the same track twice in a row unless I added it to the queue that way.

I consider this a bug because of the poor user experience but it’s probably a feature request…

Roon Radio really needs to take into account the users play history, say the last 60 minutes of playtime, and exclude anything from that history in radio. This would prevent play repeats experienced by the user.

Thank you.


Hi @ipeverywhere,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Roon Radio and suggesting some ideas that would improve radio behavior. We’re investigating these reports and working on fixes. You can mind more details in this thread:

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