Roon radio heavily repeating albums

This has been discussed repeatedly in the past so i thought i put a spreadsheet together to show how a roon radio session eventually starts playing the same albums over and over again.

The seed for this radio session was the artist “Pink Floyd”. I just let it play for several hours.I have Qobuz as a streaming service and have not limited radio to play my local library only.

The first 41 tracks were all unique albums but from then on it was downhill: only 63 unique albums were played from the remaining 235 tracks. Also around track 41 it basically gives trying to play any new artists which haven’t already been played.

What is the cause of this?

Spreadsheet here: Access via Synology

@kwangomango, I moved your post to the Roon Software Discusssion category where other users may provide feedback and ideas.

Yes, this has been discussed multiple times. Are your files all local, all from streaming services, or a mix? Roon Radio, which uses your entire playback history, appears to be most effective with a broad library and either a Tidal or Qobuz account for its AI engine. A Roon library made up solely of local files uses a more limited set of algorithms.

I have about 20K tracks, all local from ripped CDs and downloads, but a very broad set of genres. Roon Radio still surprises me with some great suggestions I had not heard or listened to a lot, but again it depends on your listening history also.

Hi @Robert_F . It’s not helpful at all moving this to the software discussion section as I’m providing hard data to support a bug in Roon radio. Please could you move this back to the support section so that someone from Roon support can actually look into it.

@Robert_F I don’t need feedback or ideas but would like support to look at the spreadsheet I spent more than a few minutes putting together. Please revert this to a support ticket.

Done 10char

Thankyou :+1:

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Hi @kwangomango ,

Thanks for your post. Since this is not a technical support issue, but rather feedback regarding choices from the Roon Radio feature, I have moved your post to the existing Roon Software Discussion topic regarding Roon Radio recommendations.

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