Roon Radio not playing

Roon Radio is not working at all and has not been for some weeks. Roon is connecting to its core and playing my albums. Any suggestions as to where I first should look or actions to take.

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Are you saying that the Roon Radio option is not appearing in the “Play” options?

In which case, go to Settings > Play actions and customise the menus to enable the Roon Radio option in the menus.

If it’s something else, then please give full details of your Roon and networking setup as described here:

Hi, Roon radio does appear in the play options and I can see a simulated audio sound trace along the bottom of the screen. The problem is that nothing comes out of the speakers but it does when playing from my music library.

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Are you sure you are playing to the right Zone? A screenshot would be helpful, together with details of your Roon setup.

Hello Geoff,
Many thanks for the reply. Here are a number of screen shots-hopefully helpful.


There is (1) a shot of the QNAP drive, (2) a shot of Roon settings where you can see duplicate images of the one and only zone. (3) a shot of radio 6 not playing. There is a simulation of music playing along the bottom of the screen as normal but no music plays. and Finally a shot of the QNAP drive viewed though file explorer.

The equipment setup is extremely simple:
Meridian 218
Analogue amplifier.

Thanks again,

Geoff (not a duplicate but fortunately unique)

I can’t help but notice from your third and fourth screenshots that the two Zones are subtly different:

  • Diner -Meridian 218
  • Diner-Meridian 218

There’s an extra space between the word Diner and the dash in the first name, and not in the second.

What Audio device is each Zone connected to? To find out:

  1. Select one of them in the Zone Picker, so that it is displayed in the Playbar area at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on the Zone’s loudspeaker icon to bring up the Zone options screen.
  3. Click on the gearwheel icon.
  4. Click on the Device setup link on the screen that is now displayed.
  5. On the Device setup screen that now shows, what is the Audio device that is given there?

Repeat these steps for the other Zone, to see what Audio device is used there. I suspect that it will be a different device, possibly the System Output of a PC that is also used with Roon?

Hi @Geoff

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having this problem for weeks! I’m glad you reached out so we can help out here. In fact, I think @Geoff_Coupe’s suggestion is exactly where we should start.

If that doesn’t solve the mystery, let me know and we’ll look at some other possibilities.

Thanks for the reply Geoff,
The Roon radio does appear in the play options and can be selected. On selection the usual wave form appears at the bottom of the screen. No sound appears though from my speakers

When I go into setup I see Roon trying and failing to find the core. The evidence I have is as follows:
In settings/general ROON CORE appears on the QNAP-Drive at IP ROON Core is described as connected. In setup/configure Roon OS Core I see “searching for Roon OS core”. I am not including the path to the core, viz. /Sooloos/music2


I am also trying setup the Roon extension on Apple TV. In the Apple TV settings I see the correct IP address but a different port. When I click on the port the settings dialogue closes instantly.

Overall I believe I have an IP conflict. Any suggestions?



Thanks for the reply Geoff,
The Roon radio does appear in the play options and can be selected. On selection the usual wave form appears at the bottom of the screen. No sound appears though from my speakers

When I go into setup I see Roon trying and failing to find the core. The evidence I have is as follows:
I am specifying the same IP address in the Roon app as I see on the Roon server on the QNAP drive , viz (see image attached). The core is located on the QNAP drive and I name the p. I do not use the path /Sooloos/music2 in the Roon app.

I think you are labouring under a misunderstanding here. That setting (in Settings > Setup) says: “Configure Roon OS Core”

Roon OS is only found in a Nucleus/Nucleus+ or an Intel NUC installed with ROCK. If you don’t have one of these devices in your home network, then Roon will search forever for a Core running on Roon OS, and not find anything…

Hello Geoff,
Thank you for the response. I understand what you have said and I do not have either of the devices you mention.
Do you have any suggestions regarding how I might persuade the system to operate as intended.



I didn’t see any reply from you to my previous questions?

Please can you follow these steps and state (or better still, give screenshots) what Audio Devices are being used?

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I think that your first screenshot appears to show that you have chosen the System Output of your Qnap NAS to act as the audio device…

I suspect that you have your Meridan 218 connected to your network at address, and want to use Sooloos streaming instead…

Are you sure you have chosen the right Audio Device?

Hi Geoff,
Please accept apologies for delay in responding; legal issues have to prevail. Regarding your last update:

  1. I have not chosen the system output of my QNAP_NAS to act as an audio device. That may be the case but I certainly did not set things up like this.

  2. You are correct that my 218 is connected at It’s a static IP connection derived from the 218 settings. It has operated like this for about 18 months with some connection problems but generally worked OK.

  3. I had Sooloos streaming installed up to about two years ago and changed over to Roon. To make things simpler, I have now deleted every instance of Sooloos and associated apps from my system. This includes renaming the shared folder that was Sooloos to Library. This you can see in the attached image. I am wondering if what I have is my old Sooloos library over written by Roon.

  4. FYI I can see that the ffmpeg folder is empty!!!

  5. To me this installation looks a complete mess. What would be the best way forward.
    I can upload further images if helpful.


I have absolutely no knowledge about Roon running on a QNAP NAS. I’m also just another Roon user in the Community, so I think at this point I shall bow out and let @kirsten (who is on the Roon Labs Support Team) carry on the conversation with you.

Good catch - I missed that!


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