Roon Radio Not Working agian

Roon Radio not working again limited to library.This happens way to often.


Roon Radio has been failing for me as well recently. Does anyone know if there is a public status mechanism to know whether the problem is in Roon’s infrastructure or (perhaps more often likely) rather a local network issue?

Hi @Outlaw

Are you still seeing issues here? Things seem to be okay on our end. Is this happening for everything you try to start radio on?

The “Nothing to Play” message happened to me a few times to me over the weekend. Restarting roon restores the radio function. It happened once even after limiting radio to local files.

I have a Win 10 desktop playing local files and streaming with Qobuz.

It is working now.But it happens often.This is the main reason I use Roon is for Roon Radio.

Getting it here in the UK again when playing back on a Win10 machine and also on my Linn KDS. Quite annoying as it’s a great feature when it uses Qobuz.


EDIT: A restart of Roon Server (on ROCK) has made no difference.

Not working again.This happens way to often.

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Happening again.

@dylan , I also am continuing to experience Roon Radio fail to start occasionally (not always, even with the same seed album). What is the cause of this, and what can we do to mitigate it?

I have no evidence of network issues generally (connection is monitored), and there are no issues playing Tidal (for example).

Is there any possibility that your internal load balancing is slightly misconfigured, as a remote possibility?

I am also, again, not getting Roon Radio to work.

Same w me. Roon Radio is often limited to my library on & off for the past year. My gigabit ethernet connection is stable w rarely or never losing any packets & I feel that my hardware is high end.

+1. Roon radio regularly gets stuck on library.

@dylan , what is the normal cause of when Roon Radio fails to start, eg audio simply stops? Is this a Roon infrastructure problem, a Roon Core timeout or error, or some other problem?

While it would be ideal to fix the root cause, it would helpful from a user experience to understand where the problem might be, and if there are actions that we as users can take. As it stands, periodically the functionality simply fails.

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Were is Roon support ? I see others have same issue.

I remember that a stop of ROON Radio occurred two or three times. As far as I remember there was a kind of a „dead end“ in the list of Genres or whatever uses to find the next title.
It happend really onlay two or three times quite a time ago. Maybe it is because I have all my 135+K titles tagged and every title is checked for Genre.