Roon radio repeating and selecting the same songs [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

No network issues-Core hardwired

Connected Audio Devices

CXN V2 / Squeezebox Duet / iPhone-issue not related to endpoint.

Number of Tracks in Library

1392 albums

Description of Issue

Roon Radio left playing today keeps repeating tracks, some 3 times in less than 3 hours.
Also, when I finish an album, Roon Radio will often play the same songs as the last time… almost like it’s a fixed playlist.
Is there any way to ensure this doesn’t happen (either thing!) as it kind of puts me off using it.

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Hi. Is anyone going to reply to this?

Isn’t this support channel where Roon are meant to reply? I’m in need of support, so if this isn’t the route can someone please tell me what the route is?

Hi, @Michael_Dollan, thank you for your post. Could you, please, confirm that I am getting it right, that Roon Radio picks up the same tracks during a session? If yes, we are investigating a similar problem at the moment, but I cannot specify when it will be resolved.

Which streaming service do you have enabled? By any chance, do you remember which object you use to start radio from when this bug appeared?



Hi Ivan, thanks for the reply.
There are 2 connected issues-and when the second occurs, the first often follows!

1)In a Roon Radio started by any selection, the radio repeats tracks-sometimes 4/5 times over a few hours (we have a newborn and have Roon radio playing for hours at a time).
To be very specific, this will be interspersed with non-repeated tracks, and it looks like the same versions of the tracks are being repeated (same artwork, but haven’t checked sample rate etc.)
2)when I play Cate Le Bon Reward, Roon Radio always seems to start with the same Big Thief song. If left playing, it then seems to behave as above.

I have Tidal and a NAS based collection. It may be worth mentioning prior to joining Roon I had ‘added’ my ripped collection to Tidal-but in my mind that would only account for 1 repeat?

Good to hear you are looking into a similar issue. It’s kind of spoiling the experience a bit for me,but on the flip side my fiancé says she is enjoying getting to know some of the songs better-the baby (Bryn) doesn’t mind either :joy::rofl::joy:

Look forward to hearing back, and thanks!

Hi Roon Support,

I’ve been having the same issue as MIchael_Dollan reported above. I believe this is a new issue, maybe since the last update as I’ve only noticed this recently. I started listing to an album on Tidal and after the album finished Roon Radio started playing tracks similiar to the album I had just listened to. It played 25 tracks from various artists and now it is 13 tracks into the exact same tracks in the same order as previously played. I’ve noticed this behavior a number of times and finally decided I need to investigate. A Google search of this issue turned up many similiar posts so it seems this has been a problem for some time now. Any progress on addressing this issue?



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I believe Roon acknowledged the algorithm for Roon Radio was changed when Roon added “Daily Mixes”. Shortly after, I noticed an occasional song would repeat inside 8 hours of listening. With additional updates, repeated tracks have gotten worse. I’m now at the point I can predict, with very high degree of success, what Roon Radio will play following certain albums, and which tracks will repeat in the next hour. If I had my choice, I’d forgo “Daily Mixes” in order to get my much loved Roon Radio back (with no repeating tracks). My two cents, since I was searching the forum for this issue.

Using Qobuz, Tidal and NAS.


How’s about this for a ridiculous radio repeat. Exactly the same songs in the same order as if it’s a playlist.
The first pic shows the last song from the Sndrew Bird album, then you’ll see the songs repeat again after Elvia Perkins in exactly the same order, up until that track again when it finally picks a new song.
Also worth mentioning that Waltz #2 (XO) is chosen a stupid amount of times in any radio session-despite there being loads of Elliot Smith songs to choose.

Similar thread here:

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my subscription lapsed today. I have no intention of renewing unless this gets fixed. You can find threads complaining about this going back at least 5 years so the idea that Roon is “actively working on it” as they claim seems very disingenuous to me.


Hi Ivan. In a post last night I put screen grabs of a repeating queue, track for track. Another Roon-er shared a similar thread-do you have any response to either?
I appreciate I am not a coder, but it would seem like a straightforward thing to have a ‘do not repeat previously played tracks’ part to the track selection algorithm in each radio session? All other streaming service ‘auto play’ options at the end of an album that I have tried seem to manage it (the evil Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music)

Hi, @Michael_Dollan, we have an open ticket about this issue. It’s with the dev team at the moment, but I do not how long will it take to fix this issue.




I let Roon Radio play today after the 1.8 build 903 update. I just took a look to see if there are any duplicates; you can see one of many duplicates highlighted in red. FYI - looking forward to a future improvement in Roon Radio. Thanks @ivan

Qobuz, Tidal and NAS

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Predictable and repeated at least six times yesterday. Never thought I’d be skipping “Take Five”. Hope this issue is still being considered for correction - I had to stop Radio yesterday and select a new seed track 'cause every song in the queue was a repeat from the previous few hours. Thanks very much.

Qobuz, Tidal and NAS

I too am still having repeated issues of repetition!

I understand ’a ticket is in’ but @ivan’s last response said he had no idea how long a fix would take.

Is there anyone working for Roon who does?

Any chance of an update on the fix for this annoying glitch @ivan?

For those of us who use Roon primarily for music discovery, this critical bug obliterates any sort of fun in listening; I was constantly listening for repeats so that I could try to skip past them.

I respect that software is often challenging to debug, I’ve been doing it for 25 years - but this functionality is what people are paying for, and it’s critically broken. I spent a few hundred dollars on hardware to make a ROCK server so that I could see what the next generation of music exploration would be like, but yesterday I cancelled my Roon subscription and switched back to LMS because of this issue.


Totally agree, though I’m sticking - for now.

What is frustrating is that a) it does seem like a very basic function to not repeat in a single session (every streaming service seems to manage it just fine!), and b) what I have to say is slow, disjointed, and ultimately not useful responses from support - ‘we have an open ticket about this issue. It’s with the dev team at the moment, but I do not how long will it take to fix this issue’ - this is neither helpful nor useful, or in an email response I got ‘its a bug we’re aware of, maybe its…’ - again neither helpful, nor useful.

I’m tempted to start a new thread every day just to try and get a useful response!

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As a workaround, I go to Tidal, start a radio station from an artist or track. It gives you a list of selections. You can save that as a playlist. Then in roon, sync your tidal library and you can see the tidal playlist and play it. That’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but you get better results. Plus some of the playlists are keepers.


We appreciate that all of you have shared the behavior you’ve seen from Roon Radio and for expressing how much you value this feature. Like you, we want Roon Radio to be the best that it can be and we do understand how getting a series of repeated tracks can negatively impact your listening sessions.

The good news is that I can tell you the team has investigating this issue over the last few weeks, and we are hoping to have improvements ready in coming builds. We’ve been collecting data to drill down into Radio behavior to determine why this is happening. There are measures in place to keep this from happening but they don’t seem to work correctly on all systems. We’re perplexed, but we’re addressing it.

I want you to know that we hear you, acknowledge what you’re experiencing, and that we’re on the case. We understand and empathize with your frustration. We’re going to get this fixed.

Additionally, I want to kindly ask that you don’t start new threads on this issue out of frustration. Please don’t do that. That would be axe-grinding/megaphoning which is in violation of Community Guidelines in addition to making Community an unpleasant place to be.

We know how you may feel ‘the squeaky wheel gets the new songs’ but let’s keep the conversation surrounding this issue civil and respectful. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.