Roon Radio repeats songs multiple times [Roon Investigating]

Roon Core Machine

NUC 5i5RYH 16Gb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link Deco P9 mesh network-core and CXNv2 wired to nodes.

Connected Audio Devices

CXNV2 and 2xLogitech Squeezebox Duets

Number of Tracks in Library

No idea.

Description of Issue

Roon Radio repeating certain tracks - change from repeating entities ‘chunks’ of radio

Hi @Michael_Dollan,
Whilst I can’t help with your reported issue, I’ll have to leave that one with the Roon team.
I can however, advise that this is displayed at the top of Home screen in the Roon app together with other summary information.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Almost 10K tracks.

Description of Issue

I’m not supplying the requested core or networking information as they’re irrelevant to the topic.

My usual listening mode is to “seed” Roon Radio with a track and then let it pick what comes next. Lately it seems to be selecting from an EXTREMELY limited set

I’ve heard “Goin’ Home” from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 conducted by Daniel Barenboim SIXTEEN times today and I’ve only listened for about 3 hours.



Hey @Greg_Smith1,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! We very much value your input on roon radio as well.

While I don’t have a specific solution to your topic here, I did want to let you know our team is actively working on improving roon radio, and that I’ve shared your experience when prompting radio from a single track.

I wanted to ask, have you tried starting roon radio from a specific album, or from your queue? Either option will give roon a bigger bite to chew on, and provide a better and more robust diversity in music similar to what you’ve prompted.

From personal experience, I’ve added a handful of tracks to my queue, and have loved some of the new music I’ve found through roon radio taking over.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you have any additional questions, we’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your reply. Although I said I started with a single track as “seed” that’s not really accurate. I generally will play an album from an era/style/genre I’m interested in and then let Roon radio take over.

Historically, the variety has been very good and, like you, I’ve used it as “music discovery” to find new albums or artists I’m interested in hearing more of.

But it seems that lately the selection has been from an extremely small list. As I mentioned in my original post, in a three hour listening session I heard the same track 16 times and that’s only a single example. Other tracks were also repeated several times.

This is different from my previous experience and that’s why I reported it - something has changed in the music selection algorithm, at least based on my recent experience.

I’m trying again right now (I’ve been away for several days) with a “seed” from Qobuz. I’m playing an entire album (16 tracks) and we’ll see where Roon takes it.

I’m going to reiterate the “boring and repetitive”. As noted above, I seeded Roon Radio with an album from Qobuz. In roughly a three hour session I’ve heard 6 tracks from a recording of the first round of the Cliburn competition, four tracks from “Stormworks chapter 3” (whatever that is), three tracks from “Musica Original para Cuatro Guitarras”, and two tracks from “The Dove Descending” and three tracks from “Mozart for Mothers and Children”.

To repeat: I’ve got more than 10K tracks in my library plus Qobuz so there’s absolutely no reason Roon radio should pick from the same small subset of albums [speculation inaccurate: moderated by @jamie]

I have to agree that for quite some time it’s been pretty poor. I get same artists and tracks seeded more often than not.

@jamie, was some speculative text removed? I cannot follow this now as if that is the case, I don’t know what the OP was speculating.

Or is the “inaccurate speculation” meant as a comment on the OP’s text that “there’s absolutely no reason Roon radio should pick from the same small subset of albums”. But I don’t understand that either. Pedantically, there must be a reason that Roon radio is picking from the same small subset of albums otherwise none of us would observe that behaviour. But surely anyone reading the OP’s post understands the OP meant both that roon radio shouldn’t be repetitive and tiresome and that also there must be a logical reason why for many of us it is?

Maybe the inaccurate speculation comment was meant in another way? I would rather not speculate so some clarification would be welcome.

Thanks for the feedback @Greg_Smith1, I’ve moved this post to a related thread in order for the roon team to better track this.

I don’t know that it was inaccurate. I speculated that Roon was “promoting” certain albums and perhaps that’s not the correct term to use.

What I HAVE noticed is that a particular album (a “historic” recording of an early Martha Argerich e.g) shows up and EVERY. SINGLE. TRACK. is played and some tracks are played repeatedly.

I’ve noticed the same behavior with other albums.

My understanding of Roon’s algorithm is that it doesn’t necessarily respond to my inputs, it considers all inputs (like, skip, etc) when determining the popularity of a given track and deciding what to add to the queue.

Maybe everybody likes that Argerich album?

But still, even if literally everybody that uses Roon hits the “thumbs up” button for a particular track that shouldn’t mean that album is repeatedly chosen by Roon over and over.

Oh, and I’ve heard “O mio babbino Caro” from Gianni Schicchi on “Claudio Abbado Masterpieces” 12 times today.

Be interesting to see the eventual feedback from Roon Support on this.

Personally I only use the radio sparingly but end of last week after reading this post I let it run on a Greg Foat Album (Jazz) for just over 6 hours.

Played 61 tracks in that time with a repeat of only 1 song during that time. It was played firstly about 4 hrs into the radio session with the second time coming just over an hour later.

Music from 46 different albums was played.

On those figures, it appears not to be affecting me.

Hope that it improves for those that are experiencing issues.

Yes, certainly looking forward to getting some feedback on this as it’s still happening.

Let me preface this comment by saying it’s pure speculation on my part as I have no idea what the inner workings of the Roon Radio algorithm are.

Having said that, I wonder if it is less repetitive on some genres e.g., jazz, pop, etc., than on classical? I believe that for classical Roon considers all 4 movements of a symphony to be a “track” in that it won’t just play the 3rd movement but instead will play the whole thing in its entirety (which is a behavior that I enjoy). This would have the effect of reducing the number of “available” tracks to choose from in that genre.

Anyway, idle chitchat while waiting for a response from Roon.

We went for quite a long time without repeats, but approx. three weeks ago it started again. Throwing my two cents in again for my favourite Roon feature.

Just checking in to see if Roon has any news on this long-standing problem. Roon Radio continues to operate more like a playlist than a radio, with little variety and certain songs and artists played over and over. I listen mostly to pop, if that makes a difference.

I love many of the premium features that Roon offers, but I’m baffled by the implementation of Roon Radio. I imagine this has been discussed elsewhere, but if the track selection method in Roon Radio is going to stay the same, it would be nice to offer users an option to choose a Tidal/Qobuz style algorithm for radio. Maybe that’s a naive, unrealistic expectation, but whatever is happening with Roon Radio is really disappointing and I hope a decent solution is coming soon.

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If Roon Radio is meant to emulate the actual radio then I would say they’ve achieved this goal as multiple nauseating repeats are exactly what is happening! :stuck_out_tongue:


Roon Radio continues to play the same (often unwanted) songs in the same order, even when I block artists and select “I don’t like this track.” Did @support give up on this?