Roon Radio: Unexpected Error limiting radio to library

Roon Radio is giving me “Unexpected error - limiting radio to library”.

I can browse and play Tidal just fine.

Tried restarting Roon: no luck. Tried rebooting Rock: no luck.

Temporary fluke or problem?


Same problem for me.

Same here. Rebooted everything, no difference. Tidal otherwise works fine.

Same for me, using Qobuz

Same here - any solutions found?

Looks to be a widespread problem ?

I’m unable to get it to go outside my Library. I have a Tidal subscription.Radio tells me it is limited to my library. When I flip the Limit Radio to Library switch off then on again, I get the message ‘Unexpected Error, Limiting Roon Radio to Library’.

Any suggestions how to resolve that?

Same problem here since this morning

Keep getting : unexpected error - Roon Radio limited to library

I can replicate (ROCK/Qobuz). Roon brass have been alerted, though due to time zone differences most of them could be sleeping the sleep of the innocent at the moment.


@support is there a problem with roon radio at the moment? Today i allways get this error (see print screen)

Unexpected error radio limited to local library

However normal manually selected albums in tidal and quboz play normally…

Same for me this morning.

Same problem here. I was getting this intermittently on certain sub-genres since I signed up to Qobuz a few days a go. Just assumed they were not popular genres and roon didn’t have enough data. But now it is everything.

Loved the new Radio, especially the ’ out of library’ addions. Must have made too many miles on it, seems I ran out of fuel…

Same error occurred here just now. Radio works but only within the own library. No Tidal.

Yup same here too (with Qobuz)

Same here too (with Tidal active subs)

Same here, Germany lunch time.

I had this, along with:

  • a spontaneous disconnection after which I had to enter my login details again
  • “There was a network error in accessing this album” when I select a Qobuz album.

@support seems something new has broken. :frowning: Give it a kick please.

Thanks for 1.6 and all other Roonness.