Roon Radio using same artists and albums and repeating tracks way to often

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Rock 16gb ram 7i7

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Description of Issue

Roon Radio had taken a big step back and is limiting the amount of artists and tracks it plays during any session and I am seeing repeats very quickly. This seems to have started a few versions back but is getting worse not better. It seems to be playing from recently added albums rather than further out from other users.

Seeded from below you can see below artists repeating and two tracks repeated that follow each other as they did further up the queue after just 10 tracks . Your algorithm appears to be broken. It’s also completely ignoring Tidal.

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Indeed. This has been an issue since long, but became worse since last update.

Yep, I just got this:

After the initiating track within 13 selections, you can see 4 tracks chosen from the same artist/album, 3 of which were sequential. This happened twice for different artists.

From an Identified originating track, not limited to my library, none of the albums are in my library, and the selections are pulling from both Tidal and Qobuz.

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