Roon Radio repeats songs multiple times [Roon Investigating]

Thank you for continuing to investigate this @noris @mike

  1. I usually choose the music I want to listen to and RR kicks in when the album or track ends. This happens with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and PC.

  2. It says playing music similar to (last song I selected before radio kicks in).

  3. Filter and library options are not on/selected.

  4. I use Tidal and Qobuz.

I just tried starting the radio from the album page and it played the same songs in the same order that it played when I just let the music run out.

@mike , I’m surprised by this comment. I’d have to say Radio is in the worst state it’s ever been. My absolutely favorite Roon feature is barely useable now. Looking forward to a fix soon (tomorrow? :slight_smile: ). I pay for Qobuz and Tidal specifically for Radio; always let Radio start when an album finishes Thanks.


Hi @mike @noris - usually I choose an artist album to play, then Roon radio will continue playing based on the music that was played before.
I have used it with my own collection in combination with Qobuz and Tidal. I use no constraint on my library and no focus.
I use my Mac mini as core and my iPad Air M1 and iPhone 11 as remote.
sometimes it plays 15 songs and starts all over again sometimes it takes more than 25 songs.
What I have also noticed is that sometimes Roon radio also plays a song here and there repeatedly and does not restart the entire list

Hi @mike, @noris

First of all I need to say it doesn’t always happen. In fact it didn’t repeat much for me since I commented in this thread. What does still happen is that RR will sometimes select the exact same tracks given the same seed, when the radio restarts (let’s say after the Zone it was playing to was disconnected and reconnected).
Most of the time I start with a track, so the radio will play music similar to that track.
I have no limits or filters.
I use Tidal and my local library.

Hi @mike and @noris I have my own ticket showing examples of what it does with no repy from anyone at Roon. Radio is allowed to kick in at end of an an album. It’s limiting the tracks it plays to recent releases and often plays the same ones in a slightly different order next session During any session it will repeat same songs from artists after only a few and often in the same order as before and it always seems to be the same small selection for each type of music obviously I don’t get indie rock music from playing Jazz.

@mike @norris

In my case Radio is kicking in automatically when the queue runs out.
It indicates “Playing music similar to” the last track of the composed queue.
No limits, no filter.
And I use Qobuz.

HTH. Paul

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I just got an email from Roon bragging about all of the recent improvements to the program

anybody know if they’ve fixed this bug which has been around for years? I let my subscription lapse since I refuse to pay for a program that has a known issue that they can’t or won’t fix.

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If you read this thread, especially about 10 posts up you will have some answers.

It’s acknowledged and a WIP right now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and hopefully you will give Roon a try out again in the near future.

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Earlier today our data team was able to track down a bug that could cause Radio sessions to restart on our server in some cases – this lack of continuity in a given session could definitely cause intermittent repeats, which would explain this kind of feedback:

We’ve now rolled out a fix for this particular issue. While that doesn’t mean the problem is resolved in every case, I’ve done some limited testing over the course of my day and the results are encouraging.

We continue to test and investigate but I’d like to know if you’re all seeing similar results – if you are still seeing repeats please be sure to let us know the details, including the content Radio was “seeded” with, and what tracks were played more than once.

With intermittent issues like this it’s always possible we’re dealing with more than one issue dependent on metadata quality, environmental factors, or server-side conditions. If it is still happening, I’m confident we can track it down, so let us know what you’re seeing and thanks again for all the feedback everyone!

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@mike , thanks for the excellent news! :heart: Testing now…

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Not sure when we see the fix, but its still fundamentally broken for me, the exact same songs in the exact same order will play after albums I have picked.

I am right into Lambchops Mr M at the moment, it will follow up with the exact same playlist in roon radio every time.

Still way too much repetition over here: Costello, Tame Impala, Taylor Swift, …
Seed was

Testing several Zones playing for hours on end, it looks like a huge improvement so far. I can’t see any repeats in the Queue. I’ll have a better idea this weekend when I get a chance to listen all day.

Qobuz, Tidal and NAS.

Roon Radio continues to act more like a playlist than a radio. Albums or tracks end and RR plays the same songs in the same order. I haven’t noticed any improvements.

So far it’s been a huge improvement. Multiple Zones, streaming different genres, and I (we) haven’t noticed any repeats in over 8 hrs listening. Please keep up this effort - nothing else is this important.

Qobuz, Tidal and NAS.

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The issue persists for me. Same artists, same songs. Super frustrating. Qobuz and Tidal radio work great through their apps but Roon Radio has acted like a disappointing, predictable playlist for months. I use DSP filters through Roon, so I’m really hoping improvements in artist and track variety will come soon.

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Another user having the issue. It’s not fixed.

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Recently I have noticed more songs played from my library vs Qobuz. I would much prefer song exploration vs my library.

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Devices
DragonFly Black

Number of Tracks in Library

~70k + Tidal

Description of Issue

I’ve been having trouble with Shuffle lately. I’ve searched the forum and there are similar threads but they are closed.

The problem I’m having is that when I choose an artist that is very popular such as Led Zeppelin or Radiohead and try to shuffle these artists using the “Play Now” button, strange behavior happens. Basically, I just get a lot of repeated songs-- not just the same song on a different album or EP but the exact same song from the exact same album. It is very frustrating for obvious reasons. On top of this, sometimes when I click the “Play Now” button on an artist it starts playing a completely different artist. Not sure this is related to this problem or not.

As mentioned, I notice that this mostly happens with very popular artists. Not so much with more niche artists such as session musicians and smaller bands. Don’t know why.

See attachment for example of the non-shuffling.

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