Roon randomly jumps to next song

Core Machine

Mac mini 2012 (headless, exclusively dedicated to Roon)/OS X El Capitan/Roon 1.8

Network Details

Wired gigabit network CAT 6/1TB fiber internet connection/UniFy Dream Machine Router/Google DNS/Synology DS213+ NAS

Audio Devices

Naim ND5XS (through Sonore Bridge)/Naim Mu-So (Airplay)/Bluesound Node 2i. All wired.

Description of Issue

Now and then (randomly) Roon stops playing a track and jumps to the next one. Happens both with local files and with Tidal. Happens in all endpoints. I’m using DSP for playback for all zones, including upsampling.

Can you screen shot the signal path while playing…note to check the processing speed remains above 1.5X to ensure you are not demanding too much on a bare minimum spec CPU. Are you also using SSD in the mini?

Thanks @wizardofoz
Yes I’m using a SSD in the Mac mini. Processing speeds stay in the x8-x15 range
Below, the screen shot for a 24/96 local file with x2 oversampling

Why are you using SqueezeLite?

I have a Sonore Bridge to “roonify” my Naim ND5XS and that uses SqueezeLite to do so.

The SonoreUPnP Bridge is only a receiver and it does not send signals back to Roon. It seems like a server side issue.

Yes. It also happens when I play music through a bluesound node 2i.

To be specific, typically music plays perfectly for 30-40 mins, then in the middle of a song it jumps to the next song and continues to play normally.
This didn’t happen weeks/months ago. Sonore Bridge has worked for 3 yrs now with Roon without problems.
The only two things different in my system are the router (now Unify Dream Machine, previously Apple Time Capsule - I changed it at the suggestion of Roon support as the Apple was slow and strongly discouraged by Roon) and Roon version (now 1.8 build 790)

I’m using the UniFi dream machine pro and no issues with Roon - most endpoints are wired and running Lumin or RPi on ropieee

@Roon support

I continue to have the issue. Any solution?

Apologies for the delay, @Ricardo_Damborenea! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Does this happen if you disable DSP?

If you play to System Output do you see the same skips?

Are you getting this with all content (TIDAL/Qobuz/Local) or just some types?

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Hi Dylan,

I changed my MacMini 2012 for a brand new M1 2021.
Now everything is quicker. Roon charges faster and remotes too. I don’t get skips in my Naim ND5XS but now and then (not always) I get them in my BlueSound Node 2i with both Tidal and Local files.
I have not tried to disable DSP, but the new MacMini M1 shows it can cope easily with it, showing processing speeds normally >x30 when using DSP

If the blue sound is running over WiFi hires tracks and upsampled rates could be a problem

Hi @wizardofoz

The node is wired

Hi @Ricardo_Damborenea

Is there any difference in the way that the Naim and the Bluesound are connected?

While the Core should definitely be able to handle it, it could be that the bandwidth is having trouble when going to the Bluesound sometimes, so it would still be a valuable test to see if this is bandwidth related in any way.

Hi Dylan,
Both are wired.
I haven’t had issues in the last few days, so fingers crossed!

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