Roon Ready certificate for Buchardt A500

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According to Buchardt audio‘s CEO the certification for their speaker A500 is pending with Roon.

Any statement when the Buchardt A500 (the wireless Stereo Hub) will officially work with RAAT and be Roon Ready certified?


Roon doesn’t comment on the progress of the certification.


Roon complains about hardware not having an official certificate yet while already being compatible to RAAT while letting customers an partners wait an awful long time for certification! No good!


What makes you think the delay is on Roon’s end?

Just read my post again.

It is easy to point to Roon of course. But I agree that the certification process seems to take a lot of time, could also be because the device failed tests of course and firmware upgrade is required before running the process again.

I’m not privy, but I’d imagine there’s more involved for Roon Ready certification for a product than simply having RAAT compatibility.

just search uncertified here or read this

You are correct… getting RAAT compatibility is usually a no-brainer, as our SDK does all the work. The hard part is fixing all the other stuff that makes Roon Ready a great experience.

Strange… where did you get this information?

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Hi Danny, I have been informed the same on e-mail. I have a pair of A700 on order and have just signed up for a lifetime membership, I hope and expect that the wireless hub will be RAAT in the near future.

Br. Morten

which email?

According to, they outsource production to Hansong, which is a partner of ours, but can not do certifications. It seems that Buchardt needs to contact us immediately as to stop advertising Roon Ready support.

We have received no Buchardt devices for certification and have no relationship with them. They’ve never contacted our Roon Ready partner manager, and no one, including Hansong, has mentioned that they are doing this.

If you can tell me where you got this information, I can reach out to the CEO of Buchardt with some context.

From their hub page. Currently roon connectivity via Chromecast but “possible future”…

I’ve been forwarded the email from Mads Buchardt, their CEO.

Our Roon Ready partner manager will contact him to set things straight.

As the email and their website states, for now, there is no Roon Ready certification and you should use their Google Cast implementation.

As always, no status will be given as to when Roon Ready certification will be ready or what stage it is in, as there are too many variables to give accurate answers.

Also, it is our opinion that buying any product on the promise of “future Roon Ready”, or “future” anything is a gamble. Buyer beware. There are many great products out on the market that deliver today. Life’s too short to gamble on these types of promises.


Well communication with Mads Buchardt always was very quick and honest - also on things they can’t or won’t do. So in my case, I just trusted the man since I have never had such an open, honest and quick Communication with any company before. I really hope that this turns out well!

I don’t think he was being dishonest – malice is almost never the reason for these things… it’s usually timing, misunderstandings, and lack of information.

I’m sure it will once we clear up how the program works. We will also spend some effort working with Hansong to correct this type of misunderstanding in the future.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hi Danny,

I have an email from MADS saying the same, that the certification is pending with ROON.


I saw a similar email via PM… thanks. We’ve reached out.

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Thank you @danny. I hope something positive comes out, I got my A500 3 days ago, and honestly it is a great product.

Greetings to all.

There seems to have been a misunderstanding regarding the Roon Ready that I would like to shed some light on.

Buchardt Audio does not have any product (yet) that are undergoing Roon Ready. We have slowly started the design process of our own branded alternative to the Platin Stereo Hub that we today sell via our website and bundle with our active speakers as an option. This hub is NOT a Buchardt product which is pretty clear from both the Hub and the box the Hub comes in. The manufacturer of the Platin brand is Hansong and they are responsible for all the certifications such as Google cast, Airplay. Spotify connect, BT and the Roon Ready. We do refer the Hub + remote as “ours” which I see have lead to some misunderstandings which is why we have redone the text on the website. The reason we did say this was that we do have our own custom made remote replacing the otherwise standard plastic remote of the Plating Stereo hub, all branding on the Hub and its shipping box is still Platin, not Buchardt.

For the interested out there : we have been in contact with Primare regarding offering a bundle with the Primare SC15 as its also a WiSA certified preamp that can be used with our speakers wirelessly as a more premium alternative.

Its important not to mix Buchardt as a brand with the bundled Platin Stereo Hub (which is the same product you can buy bundled with System Audio active speakers). Buchardt can not apply for Roon ready on behave of another brands.

I have now been in contact with Roon as it seems that many misunderstand the fact that its Platin / Hansong and Roon that needs to finish this and not Buchardt and Roon.

The question just remains WHEN? I had a pleasant email conversation with Roon and it sounded like it could be done fairly quickly, but that they needed more from Hansong which should be just around the corner I was told. As soon as I know more, I would of course share it on our social media and news letter.

Until then, now that Roon Ready (uncertified) do not work anymore, people are stock with Roon endpoint over google cast until proper Roon Ready is READY :wink:


Well, bust my buttons.