Roon Ready Certification for WiiM

How long does it take Roon to certify products like WiiM for Roon ready support?

Typically Roon do not comment, commit or offer any timelines to certification.
Best advice is to buy gear for what it’s certified for now and not what it might be in the future.

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This is from the WiiM site:

I would take it with a grain of salt as Roon has historically been very “thorough” in evaluations. So It may take a while.

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Hegel took about two years.

Your best bet is to ask WiiM for their status.

Bought the WiiM Pro to replace the Rpi4, hope Roon Ready licensing is soon ready !

There is no telling how long it will take. I don’t buy anything until the features I want are there. That is why I have not yet purchased one.

Using now the very good native Wiim app, from server Plex